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I’ve had a few goes at trying to mattyflip a chair but to no avail yet lol


Uptilt may be key … I exit in reverse but lose too much altitude because of when I apply throttle vs keep the “bar” in frame. It’s gonna happen soon!!


@MidnightQuads, @JBFPV
Have a laugh at my expense :smile:

Got it out of the tree, but lost it again before I could get down the ladder!!!

Update 2: 20 min later … I had to trade him a whoop to get my boss back. It spent less time in the tree. Lol


That’s where the large uptilt comes into play. You can keep the object in frame, but be moving backwards. JB has a video on it (not recommended), but that’s just cuz I didn’t think he explained it very well, with just diagrams on his computer. Some footage would have been good. Love your son. Just like my siblings!


Using the BeeBrain v1 with 7x16mm MMW motors to carve through the neighborhoods and holiday lights in NYC.


Yeah man!! Gettin it! If anybody doubts that mmw 7mm’s are worth the $$$, just try to make some boldclash motors move like that!


LMFAOOO THANKS!! Hapoy holidays


:sushing_face::sushing_face::sushing_face::joy::joy::joy::joy: idk what your talking about



Anyone flying the Beta 75 or equivalent should check out these lipos


@CRayTech These 1S 550mAh LiPos look interesting. However, is the JST-PH 2.0 connector up to delivering the amps needed for a brushless 1S setup? I would have thought the old (red) JST-RCY would be more suited for that.

PS: Looks like the US stock on Amazon already sold out. These are only available directly from the BetaFPV website, shipping from China warehouse. Oh well…


That is a great questions. Perhaps someone here knows the amp cap for the jst-ph 2.0 connector. I do not. I will have a nwa brushless whoop to try soon. That runs on either 1s or 2s with 2 1s batteries in parallel. I’ll do some research to see if I can find any info on the jst-ph pH vs the red just.


I believe that the red one max out at 10amps I ran that one on my 1s/2s builds. If thats any help.


@CRayTech AFAIR, the JST-PH 2.0 is rated at 1A, whereas the JST-RCY is rated at 3A. This is according to manufacturer’s spec sheet. I think both of these have been used well above their rated specs. However, their relative ratings still provides a good point of reference.

If the JST-PH can handle 1S brushless, it’s lighter and more user-friendly. (I find JST-RCY a PITA to disconnect.) So that would be cool. :wink:


Yes I agree. The jst rcy is a huge pain to disconnect. I will let you know how I fair. Perhaps I will swap out one of the ph’s for a rcy and see if I notice a difference.


Should be fine, worst case it melts and then you know you need to change it :smiley:

Officially, it’s not enough. Officially though, it’s not enough for even a single whoop motor.


Ok finally got outside after back surgey , couldnt take being in house any more.went to park to practice flying. first time flying in and around trees.( E011 NFE TUNE AND BOSS FRAME NYLON X…)



Haven’t been flying much during the holidays but I did build a 6mm with E011 FC


So the BetaFPV Beta75s is awesome! I really have had a great time flying the Beta75 but this is a great upgrade with the 820 14,000kv motors. Now im really excited to see the Beta85.