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It is done :slight_smile:



Be carefull with that tinsel on the tree, haha



:joy::joy::joy: seriosuly


@Bobnova LOL! Spintech 0 : soccer goal 1. But the Spintechs put up a valiant battle! :sweat_smile:


It was a lot of fun up till it wasn’t!
If you tame by frame it you can see the left prop at the top of the screen, it’s not supposed to be there :smiley:
(See carnage thread)


I’ve been working on some crude motor thrust testing. I threw a rig together that is working so far. Thank you for your time @Benedikt and recommendations I hope to be able to measure the voltage and current soon.


wanna see something neat ?
After crashing a “too big for the house” size camera drone indoors , we finished the video shoot using a school of Tiny Whoops.


haha sick video Marc! Loved the intro :joy::+1:



Holy cow - you got eyes in the back of your whoop!


I’ve just asked him to never post anything like that again to make us all feel better…

Its ok…

I died a bit inside too…

But really @Velcrofpv that is some ace shit… Keep it coming.


What’s worse is i have also been practicing flying backwards for the last few weeks - attempting to use “the force” for navigation … outcome: I need to build another whoop now… :smile:
No where near ready to try to start hitting gates. @Velcrofpv - thank you for the Whooping equivalent of an emasculating experience. I will need to go grab the sticks of my Boss (over compensating sports car by comparison) and make myself feel better.


I don’t think it matters what I fly, I am still not going backwards though gates any time soon…


Actually … I’ve had a bit better results than stated above and to anyone who wants to try this style and start with the basics … in acro - if you line up right to pass through your gate - all you have to do is yaw around before entry and not input anything on the other controls. Sounds easy right… lol. (Just ask my dead whoop and pile of broken props how easy it is) … any further guidance @Velcrofpv?


Love it spreading the cheer. I need to work in a office where i can do that lol.


This is lovely!

Thanks. What a cool office.


Going backwards? Challenge: Boss 7 mattyflip, with 65 degree uptilt :joy: lol
Or any micro mattyflip!


Challenge accepted! To be entirely honest I’ve already been practicing this too!!! The Boss demands it!

@MidnightQuads - but I’m not sure about 65 degrees - oh my!