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@JBFPV… what do I have to do to get you to build one of these out of e011 parts? ? :wink: :smile:

Would love to see what a real pilot could do with it!!


Haha not much my friend, maybe build some device to change winter to spring in the Netherlands so I can fly outside again! I’ll put it on my to-do list! My printer is back in business so not much stopping me, only the lots of other things I wanna do. BTW I have a special announcement coming up in the next couple of days, can’t tell yet but it means a lot to me… I’m very happy :slight_smile:

Your flying is very good man! Definitely a real pilot! :wink:


Wahooo! Sounds exciting!
… and thank you :blush:


Have you joined Tiny Whoop team?


…some more night flying with the Foxeer Night Wolf V2:
This flight was before sunrise, still completely dark and foggy:

This one was right at sunrise, so a little brighter, but still pretty dim and really foggy overhead:



By the way what props and motors you running on that


Just standard bwhoop b03 replacement motors off ebay for 4$ and change, and bayang x9 props. I ordered 4 sets of those to get 1 set that’s mostly ok. Lol


Hauling A#% around the apartment lets see how fast your whoops are (ps. Its not sped up I swear!) #Tinywhoophighspeedchallenge #TeamAlienwhoop


Proud to present my first video as Tiny Whoop Team Pilot! :slight_smile:


Another one, no crazy acro, more of a fun video :wink:


A couple vids of e011 silver with tune from NFE,


Heard some people keep saying about RCX 1103, but not found much information about it. Tried myself, All I can say it’s amazing on 2s sub 50g build. This build is 55g, I plan to save some gram by replace steel crews by aluminum screws

  • Flight time for hovering in house: 6 to 7 mins
  • Flight time for action: 3 -> 4 mins
    On 6 months old tattu 2s 450 mAh



Attended Botgrinders first whoop race of the season heres my 1st vlog!!!


Latest video


nice - so 7mm fits in the 6mm frame?


Here’s a vid from October, unfortunately my last outing I forgot the sd card, first weekend doing power loops and inverts:


No frames 7mm


Practicing some new tricks with the 7mm e011 lowrider :slight_smile:


That lowrider whoop looks pretty dope, would you mind sharing a picture in the “show is your build” thread for me, please? :blush: