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What a surreal course, @JBFPV! Surreal flying, too! Were the other pilots able to keep up with your aerobatic shenanigans? I’m afraid you were in a league of your own. :wink:


I did get some surprised looks haha considering it’s just a brushed whoop. It was all fun though, very relaxed vibe just everyone flying around having a good time, as it should be! :grinning::ok_hand:

P.s. part 2 will be the trick compilation :grimacing:


@JBFPV That’s a pretty cool place. Is it like a fpv club?


Yeah sort of, just a group of guys that set this up and everyone is welcome to join every two weeks on Sunday. It’s about an hour drive away for me.


Looks like it’s worth the drive. That course is awesome!


Check out the new BetaFPV Z01 Camera! I have a discount code for batteries also in the description.


Just a quick fun video. Still working on part 2, this is part 1 and a half… :wink:




What’s the best low light camera? I really want to do some night whooping. Now it is really dark at my house at night so it may be my lack of light more than my camera.


Getting better at proximity flying.


Bit of NFE Boss action, custom design for me as I managed to break a boss 8x16mm.
NFE mixed me up a 7XL 90mm with 0816 mounts.
Flies nicely!


Huge Huge thank you to @NotFastEnuf for all his help with getting my devo 7e working with this little guy.

The Beta 65s DSMX Full Build.


Figured I would share a couple recent videos of me screwing around with ,7mm boss thanks to NFE . The frame is great taking my punishment of newbie into quads and fpv. Enjoy


Vm275t is pretty decent. If you break the lens housing off in a crash you can pull the IR filter out, then it works very nicely in the dark.


Got any pics of the process I want to try it out


Step one is crashing on concrete till the lens comes off, I’ve posted a bunch of videos of it :smiley:

After that, on the beach side of the lens you’ll see a little flat square of rainbowy stuff, thats the IR filter, so pull it out then glue the lens back on.


Micro FPV Heaven: Part 2 :wink:


New DSMX build is flying great. Took some tweaks to get it right but it’s feeling nice.


Alienwhoop Pong takeover!!!


‘Durability testing’ :grimacing: