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Here’s a video practicing yaw moves, I’ve been watching a lot of SR13_FPV’s videos, really love his style.
So I can’t help but incorporate some into my own style :grimacing:


Nice yaw moves, @JBFPV! But… I got dizzy. You need to yaw right as well. :wink:


First time flying along with music! So fun.


Diving a uhaul smoke tower lol


Hey guys new project I just finished.


My first Micro Brushless build. Using the Emax 1106 4500KV, Tattu 450 mah 3S, and GF 3025 props. The current is seeming to max out at 20A instead of 24 A like the specs say.

I really like the OSD! :grin:

Park flight.

Do a barrel roll!



Trippy Freestyle


Trying some proximity at the park.


Just another relaxing whoop video with the E011 :slight_smile:


Great stuff @JBFPV

Here is my latest videos


First snow of the year. Gotta get out and whoop.


Not hugely micro, or at all, buuuuut it was a lot of fun. Got a full set of 8 packs in before the rains started!


Love the snow flight, that looks really cool. Pretty good amount of snow too.


Thanks it was awesome to fly. I need to get some gloves. Maybe some isotoners :grin:


Maiden my Alien


I’d call that a successful maiden…Nice.


@Velcrofpv: Love how you and SWMBO “watch TV” together. :wink: Impressive yaw action and “rewind” (backwards) flying! :smile:


thank you good sir


Had a blast this weekend!
Bunch of dudes made place called Micro FPV Heaven in an old barn on a farm. It was truly epic. :sunglasses: