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If only you had turtle mode at 21s…
Nice whooping👌


Low power 2s with tons of blade surface area - there is something to the feel of that experience! Sticks must be precise, momentum must be conserved, speed must be used to your advantage - it’s very organic flying. Reminiscent of 1s brushed. I have appreciation for both having tons of power to plow through any manuver and the delicate conservation and purity of making an underpowered craft punch above its class. You do it very well. I’ve recently let my brushless models collect dust for the challenge of doing more with less (brushed). Can I convince (beg) you to print a boss 6 frame - I would love to see what you could do on the sticks with that!


Thanks man! There is something about the way this thing flies, can’t put my finger on it. Maybe what you describe is part of it. Also the tune is a factor, it forces me to fly smooth, kind of like brushed indeed when you just can’t power out of mistakes but have to keep the flow going. Also because the camera is in the front, like an alien or chameleon, you can fly really close to the ground to get that crazy speed perception.

Regarding the boss frame, I’d like to try it but my 1s 600mah are not in the best condition, and my flight time is very limited atm. The few chances I get will probably be used for micro brushless. But who knows I might give it a try, love how it looks!


Thanks! Yes, that would be nice.


I think you nailed it with conservation of flow! The boss 6 BTW is all whoop parts. Whoop size battery, fc, and motors. Just those bigger props. :wink: …and thanks!


Ah my bad, was thinking about the 8.5mm one. In that case: challenge accepted! :+1:


A new little crew just join my collection.

I really surprise how stable it is, very easy in tuning, it just fly so well. The cheapest stack I ever bought from banggood Super_S F4 $28. The stack is soft mounted by 3 layer double side tape under ESC and a bit of soft foam between ESC and FC

Need to add some caps for get clear video

_ 88 mm - Micro Drone_

  • Frame X2 ELF 88mm
  • Super_S F4 2S 16x16mm
  • VTX03 0/25mW/50mw/200mW Switchable FPV
  • Camera 1.2g Super Light 1000TVL 1/4 CMOS 2.8mm
  • Motor 1103 10000kv racerstar
  • Prop 3 Blades Gemfan 2040
  • Super loud beeper 90dB
  • Battery 2s 450 mAh
  • Step down included filter for serving vtx03 and camera since the Super_s stack only support 0.5 A bec



Having improvement for X2 ELF 88mm buid, Swapped Hulkie prop to Gemfan 4 blade 2035, most of fpv noise and vibration at top speed disappear


That was a fun video! Looks like a very nice flying quad, and I love the spot. Trees to play with that aren’t a bazillion feet tall!


2" Micro bando neighborhood flying


Got 1st place in Tri-State Tiny Whoop King race!!!


Just saw this in a slack channel haha. Nice job.


Awesome! Congrats!


Brilliant run, @Velcrofpv! Congratulations on the big win! :star_struck:

As I’ve said before, this gives me hope for a fun winter of indoor flying. :smile:


Congratulations on your victory.


Thanks guys much appreciated


Congrats Velcro!


Many of you probably have a 22g whoop sitting around somewhere. If you ever wondered how much the little props and ducts hurt performance… just watch what 716 whoop motors can do at 22g with 46mm props!


Sorry Im a little behind.