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Tuning the e011 for 8.5mm motors… snuck a pack in early this morning to test some changes. This might just surprise you…

Special thanks to @PJC for sending me this fc


That’s sad. Mine’s still waiting to put it on the bench to see why it doesn’t fly but the last weeks i didn’t have the time. It took a really hard crash and it doesn’t respond when plugging a battery. The frame doesn’t have a single scratch xD


So there you have it, DM002 The Origin xD. It was @NotFastEnuf who first mentioned it, and i’m so glad he did. Oh, and i was so wrong about the durability of the frame xD


Glad that worked out well for you!


I hope to get it flying again. Ill work on it later today. Taking the kids to Disney on Ice.


It looks like the Beta 65s can push a 450mah with no problems!!!
Check it out. I took the bottom section of the foam battery insert and removed the sides this allowed the 450mah battery to sit nice and snug in the Beta 65 frame.



A fantastic soldering iron. I love this thing. It get hot and no time. I’m saving so much time with repairs and builds.


Piloting skills @JBFPV … like that!


Me and RonG going at it at our friday night micro spot hes flying a BQE mini Pixle and i have an Atom83 its his dvr btw



Update on the 450mahs


new emax 1106 6000kv gemfan 3025 bolt lihv 2s. the slam dunk is at the end…john said try and hit the hoop and i got lucky. flight time is 2;30 min with packs resting at 3.78


Its not a video but if you guys like any of the pictures feel free to use them. I just ask that you give credit to my blog :slight_smile:


finally some HD footage let me know what you guys think


I haven’t flown in weeks but here is a little something for you guys :+1:


It’s definitely fun flying among the trees. Watch in HD.


Official Tiny Whoop TWR racer from This thing really rips, so much fun! I’m going to have to pick up a backup to make sure I always have one that’s airworthy:



Hi guys. Haven’t been able to fly for weeks. Rain, cold, wind and darkness is giving me a hard time. Was feeling a little depressed but I’m slowly getting over it. Being able to rip a few packs today was just what I needed.

Back to the Bobo 95 again, it has less power than my other 2s micro but there is just something about this thing. Tune is terrible though so I have to fly really smooth to not get wobbles. Had a really fun session and enjoyed every minute. Didn’t even break a prop! Don’t ask me what I was thinking at the end, I just knew… :slight_smile:



@JBFPV nice finish