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Picked up the Hobbymate 95mm Carbon Fiber Frame. Its a blast. Flight footage coming soon.


Things you can only do with a tiny whoop. And if it is beautifuly dipped, even better!


Nice build! Like that frame.
Only thing i can recommend is to protect the bottom of those motors… By the way, if u find a better solution for that than just hot glue or heat shrink tubes just let me know! :smile:


Will do. Im going to try some stuff out in the morning and see how it goes.


Rebuilt the 210 with an omnibus f4 sd pro, runcam eagle, an tx526.
It flies quite differently, but it’s still fun!


Flight footage from the Hobbymate 95mm




Its not a TW but its my friends custom made micro brushless beast caled BUZZER. He gave one to me to test it out and I decided its time to dive for the 1st time and it is so much fun :slight_smile:

UAW: 60g
Battery: 350 2s
Motors: RR 1102 10000kv
ESCs: RR 4in1 6A
FC: Emax femto

New photo by Marko Đurić



Im pretty excited about these batteries. I’m getting great flight times a solid 5 and they fit perfect in the tiny 7/beta 75 frame. The motors had no problem and didnt get to hot.



Here are those 450mah batteries in action.



Nice flying! Subscribed to your channel. Check out the new Gemfan 2040 propellers. I’ve heard really good things about their performance. Here’s one review.


Thanks for the sub :slight_smile: I’m using the 1.9 inch hulkies on my X2 ELF frame and I love them!


I had a chance to fly quite a bit this weekend.


Thank you @Aaa for the inspiration. This build turned out looking pretty good. Its like a sleeper quad. :slight_smile:


Hey man, so glad i inspired you to make that build. Thanks for the thanks :wink: I also was inspired to use that frame by someone in the community i think… I’ll check it…

It looks so nice with that betafpv board, and the weight is just the same than my build, but i didn’t use the canopy/case, so i was surprised to see it…

It will fly awesome, that’s for sure, and hope it will be as solid and resiliant as mine


It was flying great then it dropped out of the sky for some reason. It is an old FC that has taken a beating so im not sure what the cause was. I cant get the sucker to bind now. I reset it and upgraded BetaFlight. It will bind for a second then it un binds itself. Not sure whats up. Im going to order a new FC for just this build. Now with the new ones where the USB port resides I may need to make additonal modifications to the canopy.

Thank again for posting your build and giving me the urge to do some tinkering.