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Yup, the trick is getting to it on the little ones. Most of the AIO lenses are glued on quite well.


It’s cause I recorded with the crappy eachine dvr that gives black screen and converted from avi to mp4 using my phone I’m new to all this so doubt il be taking cams apart yet lol sorry
Ps thanks for the like bobnova much appreciated :slight_smile:


Nice build! I think it’s the same frame and similar build i did some time ago. I put a set of 65mm props on it and that thing has lots of power. Now it doesn’t have the same power, i think it may need some fresh motors


That’s some fast flying!


Thats a really nice build. I like how to attached the camera. I think im going to try it that way. Ill have to check out the 65mm props


yeah, 65mm props are great, you’ll notice the difference. The guts of my build now are not as showed in the video. Everything is placed a little bit better, and i slided the antenna into the back hole of the top plate of the frame, that way it’s not going to be in the way of the props.

I like these props a lot. I’m using them in my last build, with low rpm 7mm motors. The power is so huge that you wouldn’t tell it’s a brushed quad


Nice flying! Looks like you’re in Madrid or somewhere like it! Keep up the good flying


Thanks a lot, and yeah, i live in Madrid, but willing to move to the country :wink:


Have you tried updating it from the website mine works great


Here’s my latest and greatest vid a short but sweet flight


Thanks for reply mine is the ocday version of the same box I’m assuming it’s same as the eachine dvr just different sticker on it I haven’t updated it so where do you get the update from? Iv also ordered the rotgo 1 now sow can record on laptop or phone to see if that’s any better would be nice if I could get this box working better as it’s mounted to my fpv goggles and is more convenient


Fly it like you stole it.


I used the Micro Motor Warehouse 07x16mm 17,000KV motors and X-Racer X1 frame for a little whoop acrobatics around the NYC World’s Fair Unisphere.


Nice flying! That place looks like a lot of fun to fly.


Didn’t know that was such a huge monument. Incredible spot to fly. Wonderful flight and music from Massive Attack!!


Some more park flying :slight_smile:


Yah it’s massive! And thanks for the kind words!


Honestly I’m not sure. I tried to look it up, but couldn’t find any info on whether this camera/lens is IR blocked or not. I did set the camera to color only because I didn’t like the flickering of the image when it switched to full black and white mode. I couldn’t tell that the video was any cleaner once it switched though.


Got a new phone so I hope my videos come out a little better.
Also big thanks to @NotFastEnuf for the video on hydro dipping. It got me out in my shop. I ended up painting my whoops. I think they turned out look pretty good. I’ll grab some canopies soon!


Aww yeah event time :raised_hands: