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heres a video from a contruction site me and a bud hit up not my smoothest but had a lot of fun


My last build. It’s not a great flight, the quad isn’t tuned (don’t know why the scisky wont connect to my android phone…), but the power of this thing is so amazing that i had to share it. This is brushed rocket launching! :joy: Just look how that thing climbs!!


I got a hold of the new BetaFPV Beta 65s. Its a nice little power house. I definitely want to throw their OSD flight controller on one soon.


Here is a test run of a “no extreme compromises” lightweight indoor Tiny Whoop at 19.22 grams. The goal was to get over 4 minutes of relatively aggressive flying indoors. The final stable flight time average for this configuration is 4:10sec at 3.75v on 250mah HV batteries.


Cutting corners over the bannister a little… j/k!

Nice flying, seems like plenty of power going up the stairs like you did. Any sag along the way?


Thanks Burtlo! If I start right away after powering up, I can do 5 laps before it hits the dreaded 3.7-3.75v mark. Plenty of power going up the stairs the first 3 laps, the last two laps are super sketchy…

But to be honest, I find it way way more difficult to go downstairs into the basement on the last two laps. I think there isn’t enough juice left in the battery to battle the prop wash… :frowning:

Is it impossible to erase prop wash from Tiny Whoops?


For some reason my goggles DVR decided to record in black and white. I suspect it has something to do with PAL/NTSC but I’ve never had this happen before.

Instead of not using the footage, I decided to go with the vintage theme! :joy:


At least you didn’t have to develop the film… :wink: nice flying, as usual


Good piloting my man,what is your time around the course,if you have a timer of course.


Second flight with the hall effect gimbals in my x9d+. It makes a huge difference.
Spent some quality time harassing that tree.
Turn your sound OFF!

Nice flying @JBFPV! The b&w retro thing was fun. Cool spot too!


You guys into night flying?’s my latest:



Wow awesome. What camera is used for the night flying? What quad? Really cool vid!!!


Thank you very much! The camera is the Foxeer Night Wolf V2 and the frame is the Xhover Win 3. If you click over to YouTube I listed all the components used in the build in the description.



Nice, great quality night video! i’m into brushed micros, and so far only know one camera that has a decent quality in low light, the TX01S. That foxeer camera seems to be a great option, but of course for more powerful quads


Hopefully we’ll see micro sized night cameras within the next year. I actually had this camera mounted on a smaller frame with Babyhawk components and it worked okay, but the weight was definitely noticeable. I think a 3" setup is about as small as you can go and really carry a full size FPV camera with good performance. The frame I’m using wasn’t actually designed for a full size cam, but it fits. I used zip ties to make a mount off of the front stand offs.


Check out my latest build. Im really enjoying this 100mm frame with the 8520 motors.



First ever flight acro also first ever fight with brushless too got a far way to go but I did it yay


Can’t you just take the IR filter of the lens to make it better for low light conditions? Aill admit this is easier to do on larger cameras but should still be possible.