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@Bluesky: Very smooth flying for 2" props! Looks like a lovely park for micro quad fun, too. :wink:


I use the tattu 450 mAh 25g after split from tattu 4s 450 mAh. The 4s not perform very well on my 120 mm quad, but it’s very good on running 2s micro quad


I really love to fly 2" now, the fact is it small, perform quite well and I can fly it in many small parks near my house, All that smooth come from betaflight 3.2 with dynamic filter on and soft mount the whole FC stack by 3 layer double side tap.
My 3" is collecting dust for quite a long time.


Very nice @bluesky! I happened to have rebuilt my Bobo95 this weekend, almost the same build. Yours seems to fly a lot smoother though. I need to try this 3.2 filtering thing. It might also help if I’d properly tune it first :joy:. I did softmount the motors with TPU and the FC a little bit with grommets. Might have to try the double sided tape. I love the way this thing flies, there is just something about it but I can’t put my finger on it.


If you use double sided tape to soft mount an fc… make sure you get the black squishy foam tape from 3m. I’ve tested a few double sided tapes and they all kind of failed but that stuff did well. I actually build a sandwich with vhb on both sides and the black foam rape in the middle. It’s adhesive is usually pretty poor.

That’s my soft mount test rig… a femto stuck to a dremel!


Fair warning - This video is basically 20 min of your life that you won’t get back. But if you want to learn how to hydrodip a whoop canopy - or spend a timelapsed day with @NotFastEnuf - then jump on in. LOL
@PJC - this is for you


Thanks brotha!!


One Pack Uncut!


Latest in the XLR-2 Saga. I need me another one of these guys!!


Playing with the trees on the old-made-new 210. Many thanks as always to @notfastenuf for the motor rewind job, took this thing from underpowered to… not.

Because I use a screen for fpv I have the near-instant switch-to-LOS feature, so I got to watch the quad bounce along for 20’ or so (high too! at least 5-6’ up), while the battery went maybe 30’ in a slightly different direction.
No visible damage though!
Just a tiny bit more battery sag than expected.


A little park whooping


After final tuning, everything is just great, fall in love with this build now, I’m not sure if I want to build another bigger quad, this small one just so fit into small parks near my home


Been sitting on this footage for a while, one of the coolest places I’ve ever whooped. Enjoy! :wink:


@Bluesky: Your tiny quad is surprisingly stable and smooth for 90mm. And that is a nice, big park. Not a small apartment. :wink:

Simply brilliant, @JBFPV!

I imagine that furniture factory is what Tiny Whoop Heaven must be like. Loved the vacuum hose spiral. And that yellow “shelf” with the spikes (presumably to hold boards) made for a very cool perspective effect. Good thing they keep the factory clean, so you didn’t get too much sawdust in your motors. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, so cool


Had to share, @JBFPV!


yep it was awesome! Like I said in the description, could easily spend a week there and still not have hit every gap. So many things to do. Looking back I’m like ‘should have done this, and that, and this’ but we only had a few hours so, I made the best of it. The hose spiral is definitely one of the best. Also underneath the conveyor belt was awesome, talking about sawdust, did you notice the dust flying out as I came out and turned around? My colorful pretty whoop was covered in dust lol :joy:

@burtlo cool man, appreciate it. I have Facebook but whenever I post there only get like 3 views or something, must be doing something wrong lol.


Short video on how to set up your OSD on the new BetaFPV FC with OSD.



Quick bit of flying.