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Wow that’s fast. Very nice spot and flying!!


Yeah buddy! XLR-2 Beta in the house!!! If it weren’t for the video description, I’d give major kudos to first to link song and source.


Did some flying with gates today!
First up is a fully successful lap with the Flea 80. Turn your sound off!

Next up is my buddy’s 5", he uses wildly different rates than I do so it was tricky to fly, but fun!


Messing around trying to be smoother


Racing the fast guys in NYC


Looking good! I’m certainly impressed.
That quad is a rocket! What’s it made of?


Ándale! Ándale! New video! :cowboy_hat_face:


Flying a silverized E011 at the playground. So much funz!


S3R Tinywhoop race at tge liberty science center




Little tiny whoop action at the new York state fair for CNY Drones exhibit


I had a chance to get the whoop out while vacationing in Tennessee. It was too much fun flying down there.


Quick edit of a fun random encounter today. I love whooping kids! :wink:


You can only do that with a tiny whoop! So funny, and very good flying, as always!!


Speed runs (about 55mph) and some quick freestyle with the qav210 clone with NotFastEnuf edition hobbymate 2204 motors.
Going to try both less prop (5042) and more prop (5051) and compare to the cyclone 5045 in that video to see about speed/punch.
FC is powered off 2s of the 4s battery, because the F4 $15 omnibus clone fried something when I gave it the 4s it’s rated for, and won’t run the gyro on more than 2s now. Because of this I set the battery voltage display to cell average, as that’s still accurate.

Turn your sound off, raw audio here.


NYC Bar Whoop Qualifiers#4 (got 1st with 23 laps :hugs: )


That’s a busy course! Looks like fun though.
I like the backwards through the gates stuff, that’s awesome.


I have a lot of fun with the latest build 90mm 1103 10000kv


Cool little build, looks like it flies nicely. What kind of battery did you use on that flight?