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Still working on my GoPro aim, but yeah, more time behind the sticks is good. Working on my Raiju build, so head down cranking atm.


Getting better all the time


Nice flying @bronco79!

I have a special video this time, it’s long and raw. So grab a drink and a snack lol :joy:


Step by step, little by little, i’m learning to build and to fly. This quad needed 2 rebuilds until it was ready to fly smoothly and without incidents. Not perfect yet, but enough to enjoy like a child. I even dared to try some power loops!!


I had a chance to play around with some parts I just got. The results were better than expected. Ill post an update in a few days once I get to rip it around in arco.


Hi guys !

I share here first ! Because I guess you all here will feel the difference in watching my video comparison of the same 110 brushless quad on 2S and on 3S.
The quad is not the lightest (because I wanted a strong frame) but the DYS motors run OK



Some fun with the 2S again!


Insane skills!


Some frickin’ epic flying man. Edge of my seat!


Quick video of a session cut short, by snapping my battery strap. Currently taking it apart and using the opportunity to rebuild, remove parts and add magic tape. Going to make it light as can be, ghetto style. Oh and almost forgot: clean it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I watched your video earlier and it reminded me to make sure the battery strap on my new build is accessible so I can change it if I have to! Plus awesome flight!


Wow man! Only thing best than that would be to see it in full hd. There are a bunch of very good pilots here and i enjoy a lot watching their videos, but it’s so fun to see you fly!! Those awesome movements!!


Wow that flying. Can I ask the weight of this build? I’ve just printed your camera mounts :grin:


Thanks man! I have a Runcam Split ready to be used, but I’m not sure what frame to put it in yet. I was about to transfer the Micro 110 to a GEP130x frame to be able to fit the Split, but I just couldn’t do it. I love the Micro 110 too much to take it apart. Now that I have to take it apart anyway, I have to make a decision: ultimate performance, or HD video. The Split is light but it’s still an extra 20 grams. I kinda feel like rebuilding it without a canopy, hardware, and just putting FPV camera on the FC ghetto style for maximum weight savings.


It’s around 140 grams without, and little under 250 grams with 4S 850 lipo. in case you are not aware: the 20x20 camera mounts are made for a different build, they are for a light 2S build.


Ahh sorry, meant to ask the weight of the 2s build


Ah, that one is around 45 grams.


Wow, 20gr. that’s a lot! Well, i’m sure you will finally find a good build to place it and hopefully it wont affect too much flight characteristics. Runcam split is not perfect after all, but seems to be a good step in the right direction. Cant wait to see that footage!!


I found a new spot!
Turn your sound off.


Been back to flying whoop and built a few. This is one of my favourite whoop.