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Holy shit balls! That was some sick ass rippage.


A little Saturday morning ripping :grin:


I use 80 (superrate) on roll and 75 on the pitch axis. What do you mean with setpoint weights? Probably default because if I changed them, I’d probably know what you are talking about lol


Hell Yeah @Bobnova! Damn you are getting good! Ripping ballz there!


Showing off again I see :wink: +1 on what @littlrussian said! You should be racing multigp with them skills!

I am not sure but weights on the Taranis refers to the channel endpoints which is set in percentages within the Tx menu. I think that is what @las was asking?


I assume @las is asking 'bout d term setpoint weight settings.

@JBFPV mind blowing video :metal:.


Nice landing :star_struck:


@las I haven’t touched that I think, in fact most of the pids are stock as it just flies fine with them. It felt locked in straight from the maiden!

@marapet I always try that but don’t always get it the right way up :joy:


Get to da chaaaaagahhhh!!! I got a new charger from EV-Peak. It’s awesome! Check it out



I’m pretty sure @JBFPV has figured a way to wire his sticks to his brain.
My mind could barely keep up watching :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I am flying vicariously through your your vids
Superb skills, it’s a pleasure watching.


I cant stop flyng the beta 75. Did my first powerloop today too!!!


Back home from holiday in France, had a great trip but didn’t get too much flying done. Only a few moments to slip a whoop in and this was the best moment by far! :smiley:


Some LOS footage, all of these builds flying solidly:

Min5 on 3S running latest RF1 (starting at 0:32):
Murdock on 3S (starting at 3:20):
Arfun Pro 95 build (starting at 5:36):
Murdock on 2S (starting at 8:49):
Awesome E90 on 2S (starting at 10:29):


Just a short rip in the yard on 3s with the torrent from a few months ago.


My first time flying a race track and with my HD camera onboard my XBL117. Amazing what 1103 motors can do but its definitely feeling a little weighed down.


I got my first brushless micro. This thing is a beast. Check it out. I did almost immediately break the camera but thats what I get for showing off. Flight footage starts at 4 minutes and 49 seconds. Let me know what you guys thing of the Furious Whoop!


that was a fun video! looks like it flies smooth! i think u should definitely switch it over to that larger frame, the current frame blocks too much of the camera view IMO for really comfortable flying, and then you will have the extra clearance you were looking for as well! may even give off nicer flight characteristics!


Yeah I think it’s a good move. I still can’t get over how small it is.


@burtlo: Great to see you flying LOS, and Min5 is looking good! Seems like GoPro and head mount are working out as well. :wink: