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long range laps, a few “fire flies” and a dino attack. :wink:
sharkbait ooh ha ha!
(set tooh ha ha hd)

you can spot my bbq friend being funny at :20. ooh.ha.ha!


Fun video! I liked the BBQ, that sort of thing is terribly tempting.


Check out my latest experiment :joy:


love the video! very nice experiment. Also, i find the wobliness of the camera is a very weird but cool effect


Finally I’m out flying my Beta 75. Problem is I’m getting a lot of interference with any camera I use. Maybe it’s the FC I’m not sure.

Just some laps around the front yard.

Let me know what you think. I have some faster 720s coming to test.


Learning tree diving with my 1103 6500kv 110mm 3" on 3s. This thing is fun.
Didn’t get stuck in a tree!

Flea 80 video to come.


Flea 80!
8000kv motors, gemfan 2035 props, 450mah 2s. No battery it’s ~39 grams.


That 2s looks great fun!
Can’t wait to take mine out.
On the 8000kv motors is your preferred prop the 3025 quad blade? Had an experience with how it compares to the popular cut down 3020?


The 80mm, 8000kv one is using Gemfan 2035 props, uncut.
The green propped one is using these:

I haven’t tried them cut down yet, the smaller propped builds I’ve just used 2035 and 1935.


Whoops. I just realised I got my prop numbers jumbled! I was supposed to refer to a comparison between the 2035 quad blade vs 3025 cut down for small builds, however you saw through my confusing question :wink: thanks!


I’m getting a bit more confident with my new quad


A quick tester of the Spintech motors I’ve been trying out.
Uncut video of a single 300mAh 2s Nanotech worth of power. Motors warm but not remotely hot.

Using Gemfan 3025 uncut.


That looks pretty promising! I need to order parts for my build with those. Tomorrow is pay day!


Flies very nicely, @Chaotix! GF3025 are more efficient than smaller props, so ideal for this setup. What frame are the Spintech motors and LiPo on? And what’s your AUW (ready to fly)?


AUW is 107g, frame is a hand cut 3mm polycarb 110mm using a Rotorious Speck85bl baseplate for stiffening, cable tied on. A Speck cam pod with extended standoffs topping it off. AlienflightNG F4 keeping it under control (self built)


Thanks, @Chaotix! Now that you mention polycarbonate I remember you posting about that frame. Current performance of 2S micro brushless still boggles my mind. Great stuff!


New Insane 720 brushed motors. I did a build video check it out. This thing screams. Shoot to 19 minutes to see the flight footage. Plus I freaking love my Taranis QX 7.


Pushing Whoop Boundaries


Another stickcam!


Nice, what rates and setpoint weights are you using? :slight_smile: