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that’s a really good deal!! Some brushed motors are just 3 times more expensive than that!!


Great flying @Bobnova I can see your power level increasing.


Better and better, Mr. Nova! You’ve inspired me, with your ongoing flying within fencelines, to work my yard way more than I have.


It really kicks things up a notch having to stay in a confined area. Practicing it has been a big help to by flying skills.
You have to always know where you are.


Hey guys. I got some new props for my BetaFPV 75. I love this frame and the props are pretty strong. I havent broken one yet and they have pretty good thrust.


just receive a bunch of them today, as soon as i can i’ll try them in my next build


Good deal. I really like them. Let me know your thoughts once you get to use them.


i will, i’m eager to test them!


I also got a set of their 260mah batteries. They are a lot better for the Eachine E011 than the stock. I have been getting around six minutes of flight time. I would say around four and a half to five minutes if im flying full throttle.


Built it just to see what happened. I tested it, and it flies just great.


I just made a video with the build that i did yesterday with the kingkong 40mm props, you can see it right below these comments.

Those are the first props that i try with this build. In fact, i don’t have any other props that would fit this quad without changing motors or frame. I also want to try the micro 8520 with these props, just for comparison with the hubsan and ladybird props that i already tested. I guess that props have a lot of influence in the flight characteristics. The long 2 bladed props in a micro 8520 make the quad powerful but less responsive and very drifty. In this case, with 3 shorter blades, the kingkong props fly much more like a tiny whoop, very agile and less drifty. Besides that, I think they are the most quiet props that i have. I like them a lot, but i have to keep experimenting and testing.



Cool, I’d like to give a bit of advice about sitting props down fully on shafts though. As you have it there is a high chance that in an inverted landing (crash) you could destroy a motor by pushing down on the propshaft and popping the motor cap out. Also with as much exposed shaft you risk bending the shaft. We tend to drill props so they sit down against the motor can to avoid these possibilities.


Thanks for the advice. I was aware of it and some days ago i ordered a hand drill with a set of little drill bits so i can adress this issue, but it will take one or two weeks to arrive.

Every little thing in this hobby needs a special tool to take care of it… Problems appear faster than i can spend money buying tools…


Whoop HD test @Benedikt


Wow, looks much better than my “HD” Whoop.
What cam is that?


I kinda wanted to remain mysterious for a day, I’m enjoying reading the comments speculating about what it is haha but since it’s you: it’s a DVR03 with the antenna removed (only for recording) on a e011 with your insane 0716 motors I received today! :slight_smile:

It’s pretty heavy at 32 grams without battery but with a light battery it’s flyable. I intended this for a brushless build but gave it a go on the e011. I have yet to try the modded SQ8 which should be more suitable for a whoop with it’s 3 gram weight.


How do you feel the sq8 compares to the 808keychain cams? I’m surprised they aren’t more popular for recording hd. I’m also surprised no one is just taking the eachine prodvr and de-casing it and hauling it around.


I have yet to find out, I’ve done the mod but the lens needs to be focused which is annoying because I have to adjust the lens a bit, look at footage on the SD card and adjust again. I need to find a way to look at the live feed. Also it’s a bit of a weird shape to mount. The DVR03 is a bit heavier at 6-7 grams but I’m very impressed with the quality and it works out of the box. A 2 or 3 inch brushless will have no problem carrying that around. I plan on putting it on the 3 inch 4S, that one probably won’t even notice it’s there. Eachine Prodvr? Does that record HD? How does that work, I thought that was just to record DVR?


@jayodas @Benedikt


This are the sizes the Eachine ProDVR can record

Video Output Size: VGA(640480px)D1(720480)HD(1280*480)

I only tried it at VGA. I have it directly soldered to the receiver of my goggles, and didn’t even see the menu or changed anything. For that i should have to connect it to a tv or something, didn’t try that so far