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All I can say is … wait for it … (no I got nothing - pretty much speechless)


@burtlo you were flipping out with that Min5! Nice work.

@JBFPV, damn you were carving some air there! The music works and being able to hear the quad in the background too. I think using a thumbnail in the lower corner would work good for the remote cam view with the FPV footage full screen.

Here is a little more testing of the AlienFlightNG V1.2 F3 whoop at the project that I have been working on for the past 6 weeks. Found that the south side of the building was an excellent windbreak and great little spot to whoop. The last minute of the video is where it gets interesting as I see I am chasing my shadow on the pavers as I fly to the east.


Whooping my concrete back yard


Rippin’ man, that was awesome! That settles it…next one is 3"!


Well…it’s from the 5" Chameleon, but it is footage no less! I’m bummed that my Eachine DVR is the one with the black screen issue. GRRRRR. I’ll need to figure out what I want to do with regards to capturing footage from the micros for the time being.

Got a long way to go I do…but it is smiles and ‘oh shit’ moments galore. I LOVE IT, feels like hitting the twisties on the CBR. Please 'scuse the wind noise, I just wanted to keep it raw.


That’s an amazing flying spot! Looks like a very fun quad too.
Nothing quite like the feeling of “Oh shit, am I going to make it? Have I, in fact, pushed too far? Is this about to get expensive?” followed by “HAHA! I AM INVINCIBLE!” which is naturally followed by the first one again.

Your first powerloop went a hell of a lot better than my first. Or second. Or third. Or fourth. You can tell as you A) didn’t hit anything, B) didn’t have to get a ladder to get your quad back, and C) didn’t break anything.
Well done!

It looks like you might want some more RC Expo, seems like center stick is pretty touchy.


3s at the bayfront park, this thing is a tremendous amount of fun.

FAIR WARNING: Raw audio until Youtube is done processing. Probably 15m from this point.


It did all that, then just now I was flying around my yard on 2s and it spit a prop off with no warning. Go figure. Flying along nicely, doing things, then I hear a “TICK!” and all control is lost, followed by “THUMP – clang clang”.
Ended up on the metal awning, had to get not only the ladder but also the kid’s grabby arm claw thing. Again.


Very nice, Mr Nova. Very nice.

p.s. Love the floss.


It’s for style points, also +1 to Fast.


That is the exact feeling! Actually lucky to have stumbled on the spot. Close by the house and an unofficial flying spot. Tons of hobbyists throughout the week from one of the other cats who was flying there that day. I think I ended up holding throttle a wee bit too long and didn’t rotate enough coming around…but yes, it wasn’t an explosion so I should be happy with the loop. haha.

I like the linear power delivery…just need to get my hands to calm down and be smooooooooooth.

Thanks @Bobnova!


Nice job man. Your skills are noticeably improving. Love the ballsy pitch forward into inverted hang time and I also noticed you pulled off the move that ended in the tree last time. Way to go man. I hit up a football field with my bro today and pulled a few @Bobnova inspired power loops on the goal post. Hadn’t attempted that yet on micro brushless so I thought you’d be proud!


Lots of fun this evening, in between getting stuck in a tree and breaking a prop on the Flea (two different flights) and completely destroying a motor on the 1103 3".
Title of the video is “Fly it like you’re not the one who has to fix it”.
Cause I did.
But I am.
Oh well.

Will post video when Youtube is done processing it.


Sorry for the bad quality video. The dvr is soldered to the receiver of the goggles, and the image in the goggles is waaaaaaaaaaay better, i don’t see all those breaks… maybe i have to resolder… don’t know what happens, just wanted to share this beautiful whooping sunrise


Here’s the video from earlier:


That’s a wonderful sunrise! Even with the glitches it’s a very cool video.

Have you ever had to run downstairs to retrieve the whoop?


yeeeeah, hehehe, tried a flip, it was facing to the building and couldn’t tell wich way was up… :rofl:


oh man those punch outs are incredible!! so fun! Hard to fly that thing with all that power… I’ve been watching some dvr footage of the lizard 95, i’m dying to buy one but i’m just scared!!


It’s really something. Very addictive.
Takes a bit to get to where you’re not just holding on for dear life trying not to crash, I’m finally getting to that point. Helps to build something solid that doesn’t explode on the first crash.
That said, I flat killed a motor at the end of that video:


oh man, that hurts (more than if it was brushed). Well, i’ll say it again, the tiny whoop i’m used to fly is so easy to manage, i was a little bit scared when flying the first packs with the 8520, now i’m ok (well, now the frame is broken, waiting for spare parts). I just can’t imagine the palpitations if i fly one of those beasts… I will, eventually, soon, maybe…


It’s worth it to build one. I know exactly what you mean on the 8520!
8520 are much easier to fly in a small space, my yard is really pushing it for a 2s brushless build, brushed fits much more easily.

I still fly the whoop often, they’re just so fun!

The motor above was $2 in the 20 for $40 deal a while ago, so it’s not too bad. Not like killing a $15 1106 or something, though it still stings a bit and reduces the supply of spares, came buy them anymore so it’ll be awkward eventually.
One of the other motors has as been shaft too, guess it’s time for motor maintenance.