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First flights with my purr110. I didn’t heatshrink the antennas in the video, so they caused a bit of vibrations. Also needs to be tuned.


Total beast!


Thanks! It’s so much fun!


Next iteration you won’t be able to stay above your property … :wink:


I already can’t! On 3s anyway.
4s… 4s would be nuts. And blow the ESCs and motors to hell.


…For Science!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s my first day of acro about two weeks ago other than hovering with a nano qx in the yard:


First DRL Simulator race, probably doesn’t count but im proud :blush:


Sims are great for developing some basic muscle memory for control. Well done!


Nice work man! Looks like you’ve got the hang of it and have something to fly with decent power!


it’s rotor atom v1, I realized that the brushed I was flying acro had the props stop spinning when the throttle cut, so they just dropped and I had no control, just decided to try the atom and in airmode so much easier


Here is some footage of before and after moving my babyhawk guys to a carbon frame.


Haven’t had any fancy-schmancy vids to share in the channel, but here’s something that’s been fun for me:


Hey Guys. Sorry I have been really busy with work and also helping build and test a new AlienFlightNG Whoop flight card. Here is a little footage of the 2nd and 3rd battery flown. E010s frame, 19,000 kv insane motors, 2 blade chopped props, 205 mah mylipo, Boldclash F-01 AIO cam.


More not-so-pretty videos, but I did three packs in three quads today, all LOS. I’m getting there.

WARNING: Raw audio, but don’t let that stop you from marveling at how close I’m getting to solid rotations. :slight_smile:


#Murdock (Fusion 114)

#Atom V3


@burtlo: Good job on the rolls and especially the backflips with the Min5! :smiley:


Another old video:


It reminds me when i was in music school, the discipline of repetition, repeat it until it sounds perfect.
Now i just fly for fun, so very little or no discipline at all… but i think i should

Great video and great flying!!


Testing out a stick cam. Let me know what you think! Screen size/postition, music/no music?


Awesome video… I like the music and the stick controls. I’m working on some acro mode, and its nice to see how you are on and off the controls. I’m just working on acro now and have a tendency keep on the sticks too much.