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Thank you.
I did enjoy the fresh motors and props to welcome me back to line of site.
I like the spider because it’s a bit larger and easier to see.


Flying at a local park. Redwood trees are beautiful to fly around, but death to quads if you get stuck. Suckers are >100’ tall and very dense branch wise up top.
Uncut video + Youtube’s first option for electronic music. Seemed to fit decently.

Quad is the 1103 6500kv 3" prop build I’ve been flying a lot of.

Fair warning: If you watch in the next few minutes you’ll get the raw audio, which isn’t overly pleasant. Youtube isn’t done yet. Should be safe by 14:20 GMT.


I’m still flying my only brushless quad but planning to build the next one soon.
XBL117 frame with 1103 10000kv motors and gemfan 65mm props.


First dvr with the 7mm MMW insane motors. Lots of power, enough to crash and destroy frames and props… Sooooo fun!


Good stuff going on in this thread!
I made a little video too :wink:


ooohh nice powaaa!

Seeing some reviews of the tiny 7 i thought it had less power than i can see in your video, so… are those stock 0720 motors?


oh, sorry, didn’t see well the part list, they are powerful 14000k motors! So nice!


beautiful!! very enjoyable flying!


I dont have the stock Tiny7, just bought the frames and the props.
But yeah from what I have seen on other videos, it is heavier and has a lot less power in stock form.


@jayodas You’ve got great style bro! Very enjoyable to watch - you’re hucking that thing like a 250 over the trees. Particularly I enjoy the way you break into the split s roll over the tress. Your stick movement is right on point for that surreal transition from slow to fast and back to slow movement. Not sure if I exactly described that right but it’s a style element that I’ve been trying to work on and have found it challenging to master with a small flying space. Fantastic flying for any quad - let alone a micro.


First real flight of my Flea 80mm build. 58.5g AUW with 300mAh 2s in this video. Only used the flea bottom plate, superstructure wouldn’t let me fit 2035 props.

Bonus video! Backyard and forest whooping with the E011 w/Benedikt’s motors:


Thank you for the compliments! Ever since I first saw the Rotor Riot team fly acro FPV I’ve been dreaming of flying like this but just didn’t want to get into the 250 size quads. Just too big for my liking. These micros are just the way I like it and I’m so glad micro brushless motors now exist.

Here’s some Tiny Whooping in full acro mode.


Encouraging my little brother to learn to fly. He started with an e010 whoop on special sauce motors, now he’s flying my old beecore with 59k motors in acro only… time for him to step up his game and take it outdoors. I’m handling down this to him next - but not before some fun of my own! That’s what big brothers are for!


Whoop Freestyle Flow :nerd:


Here is latest. Flying both my E011s the black one has the 716 insane motors in it thanks @benedikt


Wow. I’m impressed @jayodas.

Love that thread. Great job from all of you guys.


Same 110mm 1103 6500kv 3" build, now with 50% more cells!
In a light mist, because why not.
Battery is already half done in the video, first half of the flight came to an abrupt end when my fpv screen hit lvp and went black. Sudden disarm toasted descent resulted in a loud CLANG! as it plowed into the hanger out back. Quad was fine, had some hanger on one arm tip but that was it.
Put the battery back in, and did the flight below.

Homebuilt tattu 380mAh 3s 30C battery.
Bit faster. Very very different to fly.


That’s not flying, that’s rocket launching


That’s what it felt like! A lot like trying to hover in Kerbal Space Program. The first flight even ended the same way!


Yep, agreed. And nice tune as well.