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Chasing down 200s with my Tiny Whoop :upside_down:


I have decided to start a Memories series - older videos that I never uploaded to Youtube. Some of them have been on Instagram but that often freezes when I want to watch them back so I’m going to use Youtube as a ‘memory archive’. :slight_smile:


Another memory:


Aw man, @JBFPV! That one’s a slam dunk! Your Memories Series are like the cream of the crop. Good stuff! :smiley:


There it is guys about month two of flying let me know what you guys think


@JBFPV So damn impressive.


Nice progression!

New rule of thumb:
If you can see your camera protection in the bottom of your fpv feed you need more camera tilt. :smiley:


lol thanks today im gonna give it a bit more angle :upside_down:


Love this one :joy:


lmfao nice i do this all the time with my cousins :joy_cat:


I was doing this with a neighborhood kid…
He was looking back as i was chasing and ran smack into a tree.
He fell over.
He was not seriously hurt.
It was funny.


Some acro, getting a little tighter in my rotations, not over extending as much as I used to. Atom 83 build after some Ultimate frisbee.


Love ultimate! Nice flight :grin:


Redux 130


As @PJC will say, (I’m sure)


I usually catch the trunk tho🤕

This should have been an omen last year when I started:


HAHAH…reminds me of a cicada shell on a tree from where I grew up!



'78, northern Virginia, I was swinging tennis racquet they were deafening!


I’m nicknaming that “The Lumberjack” - freaking fantastic! Thanks for sharing that pic!


los alien wii spyder acro and proximity in rate mode…
I’m a bit rusty, yet…i missed it.
Please set to HD

thanks for watching.


Nice build!!! That frame is pretty great for LOS flying, especially over concrete, protects the motor bottoms really well… Ahhh, the feeling when diving back into LOS brushed is such a treat. U had that thing flipping extra tight!

edit: also, i forgot to compliment your sick LOS skills! awesome flying man, and super entertaining video. i love how you decided to go for a walk with the dog :smiley: !