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Is there an official mmw channel we can subscribe to yet? All these vids seem to be on personal accounts.


Coming soon: Micro Motor Maniacs - Team Pilot Invite (Post #284 - Logo Poll Open)



Ok so I went flying today had a friend dvr and another friend do the editing for me Que movie voice, Coming soon to a youtube channel near you bronco79s first dvr flight video lol


Can Any1 reccomend a decent dvr I can put on some quanum v2 pro so as can contribute to some newbie flying for the channel?
Also when’s the YouTube channel completion and launch already subscribed :+1:


Look into how you might wire this up; I’ve seen good things about it, and its really inexpensive: https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-ProDVR-Pro-DVR-Mini-Video-Audio-Recorder-for-FPV-Multicopters-p-1061196.html?rmmds=search


Cheers Burtlo bitten the bullet an ordered one so when I recieve it and worked it out maybe a build video for the channel with video footage on the cards ? I may need a 5v reg tho yet also a run over of how I modded my goggles


Thats the one I use for all my micro videos, it works great


Thanks guys ordered and 5v reg ordered too looks like I’m going to need 1 crash compilation coming soon hahaaa


Woow. Great vid. Unbelievable what you do in such a tight space.
@JBFPV you should do some freestyle trick tutorials on the Micro Motor Maniacs channel. Think I too dump to understand what’s going on.


4 minutes of consistent gate-flying! Great video, great job!
Would love to be able to fly in a setting like this!


…and a nice tune to boot!


Would you consider sharing your tune? I like fast stable crisp racing, very similar to your video.


Yes NP at all, For which setup ? Brushed Tinywhoop Acrowhoop v2 or Brushless ?


BOTH! :slight_smile: If it works, share it!


Let me know what you guys think!