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Boss 7 HM830 1s
0802 16000kv
Tuning day !


Dang, I wish I had a DVR.

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NFE !!!


Toothpick 1s cheap build and fun to fly !


One of our local races :wink:


Boss 7 80mm 716 NFE 2019


Yesterday my order of 720 whoop frames and props came in, so I quickly gutted the Boss and got the whoop in the air as fast as possible.

After the maiden flight I sat down and put the PMB V3 settings in place and tried it in the garage to see how it handles it’s intended purpose, racing! (Mind throttle is too high it seems, so it’s more floaty than I prefer)

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Boss 7 XL Lite Edition!

Almost ONE WAY WHOOPED again that Huge Tree !

one lipo

one track

one line

No cut !

One word , AMAZING !


It’s been way too long since I did some serious flying, so this was a lot of fun.

Any ideas on how to make it feel super locked in again like silverware is meant to be?
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Can I get away with posting some 5" footage here? :sweat_smile:

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