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Hanging with the crew.


Yeehaw lads, this is my newest build. I call him Rob. His motors are extremely underpowered due to “FINANCIAL CRISIS” (That time I bought 10 BetaFPV FCs and 8 H01 cams)


Bwhoop F4 1s DSMX
Happymodel 0802 19000kv
TBS clone propellers
Wolfwhoop WT05
NFE Shangai HDPE canopy
Betafpv 65 pro Frame
250mah HV
Betaflight 3.5.5


Bwhoop Silverware NFE
Eachine 4 blades propellers
E011c Frame
CM03 716 19000kv
Wolfwhoop WT05 splitted Low pro
250mah HV
3d printed Jbee FPV camera mount
Foam canopy JBee FPV


This is the quad I cut my FPV teeth on, the SPC Maker 90X. The neat thing about this kwad is that it gives you the ability to run either 1 or 2S via a solder jump pad. I decided to put it back together to run 2S. The issue is that the camera has no angle and cannot be moved.

Enter the MacGyver


Skele7on HD with optional prop guards.


Who would have thought that my wife wouldn’t have acetone? Took a few days but I got the Boss back in the air (test hover) but I’m looking forward to full flights.

Ready for break time rips.