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Base plate in ABS and the pod in TPU.


0720 motors for a syma x5c or Eachine e58 (both are 0720. I think this is syma). Unlike faster 0720 these are perfectly happy on 240-260mAh packs.
AlienWhoop Zer0 fc.
Vm275t aio.
frsky XM RX.


I’ll have to dig out a certain 0720 frame you printed for me as soon as we unpack. (Dec 7)
Perfect winter project, AND I’ll have a big enough basement to fly it in


Here is my third build with the EMAX F3 mini magnum 4 in 1 esc and flight controller stack, solder 16 wires and 8 pin holes, thread lock 16 motor screws put in the other 10 and it’s basically built! Being a repeat EMAX customer I have a stupid amount of stickers so, I can has earned sticker bomb?

I built it as a backup 4s Onepaa acton camera hauler, but until it’s needed for that purpose, I put some low thrust 3" props on to make use of some weak 400mah 3s packs from last year that my Blade Torrent was trying to destroy (scary hot). I get about 2:30 of really fun acro and/or low and fast flight.


Oh yeah, I posted my first mini magnum build in September but not with my 1080p 60fps action camera mounted to it:


Show us a photo of the frame on the scale without and then with stickers :crazy_face:

It looks pretty cool :slight_smile:


ZJW.RC 136 3mm Micro 3 inch frame.

Moving up to 3" top mount. I had planned to just move the guts (again) of my HawkR to this frame but realized that there would be some logistical issue I would need to work out and decided I will just build from scratch.

Feeling like a race car with sponsor decals.

Anyone happen to know a source for arm guards that would fit?


I’ve been planning a new 3" also, picked up a set of 1306 Red bottoms and a Runcam Mini Sparrow for cheap from HobbyKings weekend sale. I think I’m ready to do a test print of her.


A handful of micros


Here’s a Silverware Brushless whoop using @Ian444’s Silverlight board. 0603 19000kv, silverlight is placed on a TinyF1sh board and weighs 20g without battery.


Couple of builds with the frames and motors I received from MMW Bazar 2018 round 1. AlienWhoop Zer0 on the right and BetaFpv lite on the left. First exposure to Silverware and Silverware NFE. I will flash the NFE eventually on the lite, but no rush… I really need to spend more time flying and less time building and tinkering! I still have two frames and three more sets of motors…

Thanks again Benedikt for your generosity!

Merry Christmas everyone!


First I had 2 Inductrix, then 4x Betaflight, and lately a lot of NFE Silverware Santas.

Merry Christmas


The Gecko in Black

Enters with a Johnny Cash song in the background.

Frame: Armattan Gecko 3"
Stack: DYS Mini stack set Mini F4 with F18A 4-in-1 esc
Motors: Rotor Riot Hypetrain Brat 1407 4140kv
VTX: RDQ Mach 2 with IFlight pagoda
Camera: Foxeer Arrow Pro 2.1mm
Props: HQ T3x3x3 PC DP Durable Prop


Had to brag about the unreal deal I got last week. A new, in box, X9D+ combo with the aluminum case. Out the door price? How about $64.11 out the door! :grin::+1:


Woke up not feeling good so I wandered out into the living room and started cleaning up my workstation.

4 hours later my workstation is a mess again because I played Frankenstein and resurrected the 2S SPC Maker 90X.


Boldclash B03 Pro + E013 plastics and sticks + E011 frame = Bwhoop Black Edition


3S 1104 build. First time I’ve used a micro eagle camera. Wow - it’s like light performance is amazing… Can fly her at night so she is now my winter outdoor basher (as you can see from the mud stains :rofl:).


Sorry it’s a bit of an anti-micro but this is my first go at a long-ish range since it is the middle of summer in NZ at the moment. GPS is now on as are bi-blade props. Gets up to about 160kph or 70kph cruising on 6s at 8-9A


65 mm prop frame for Mobula 7 like components.
26g dry. Nice sedate flier on 1S. On 2S - just WOW.


Just made this up. Beta75 pro frame, happymodel 16000kv 0802 motors, CrazybeeF3 pro, EWRF vtx w/smartaudio 25/100/200mw, caddx turbo EOS2 and Lumenier AXII antenna. Comes in 3g heavier than my Mobula7. Pretty pleased with the weight considering the heavier vtx/cam and antenna.