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Got my iFlight iX2 Lite V3 2.5 inch frame in the mail yesterday and I performed a brain transplant from my BabyhawkR. The biggest issue I had is that the stack just fits, so no room to put the battery strap through the frame, so I had to call on the spirit of MacGyver to find a solution.



joined the sub 40g club.


It’s not exciting but finally finshed the right whoop for me based on the awesome information on this forum - NFE flashed board and Chaotix’ zip tie mount. Both worked out better than I thought. Only thing else different from standard are the 19500 boldclash motors and I still get around 3 minutes on the stock eachine e011 batts.


Now with added prop guard…



Latest build is an attempt to make a 2" as small as possible.


You win! You won’t get smaller than that.

…unless you start overlapping the props :wink:



This is a build with all salvaged parts except the Amax H125 frame, otherwise it’s got the motors and VTX from a Blade Torrent, a micro Sparrow as a replaced replacement off my Hawk 5, and the F3minimagnum AIO with XM+ from a custom micro with a trashed frame.


Try a bi blade, tri, and a quad blade all on the same quad. :slight_smile:


LOL, I don’t want it to fly like a Frankenquad, but the props were all lightly used on other quads! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a build based on Ian444s SE96 frame and using a (DIY) Silverlight Silverware board also designed by him. Running 1104 7500kv motors on 2s


Awesome. Presumable you fly it LOS. Any videos?


Not with my lack of skills :joy:

It’s a bit wet here, I may have to wait till next year…unless I conformal coat


@NotFastEnuf this is quite literally all your fault.


I’ve been working on a few new frames, and, this is my latest in a bunch of similar smaller designs. Printed in Emax CF nylon. But, I want a new /better camera for her, and preferring to stay under 100g. What’s the better mid range 5g Camera? Runcam Micro or Foxeer Micro?


Cool build. I love the foxeer micro arrow pro, it has great presets and can usually be had for less than $20.


I built an E011C-based (with Silverware of course) whoop for my wife to try FPV, so I gave my Zer0-powered TWR a new outfit to match as well :slight_smile:

It’s missing UV leds on hers (it’s the neon-pink Cockroach frame, glows real nice under UV light) and the disco led strip on mine, but it’s 2:30 am here so those upgrades are gonna have to wait for some other time :slight_smile:


Found this printable on thingiverse called Minnow 90mm so gave it a try.


I love it! Looks like a scaled down babyshark!

how much does the frame weigh?


Yeah, looks like it, it’s just under 7 grams.


Wow! That’s light. What did you print it in?