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Lovely build. How much does she weigh?


@Taylormadearmy 42g no battery. Definitely not the lightest, but runs better than my whoop, is brushless, telemetry, and can take a beating. She’s fast, can recover well, and it was a super easy build. Also LAZD is a great seller. Answered all my questions and has so many great frames.


Cool. My home build is around the same weight. Never thought to try it on 1S… Will have to give it a go!


Nice build. I have a 36g 2s 2" build that is one of my favourite quads but would love the ability to run 1s like you.


Had a bit of a :man_facepalming: moment. Bought a Galaxy S6 for I can use it to record with the Eachine ROTG02 I have as well as access my quad with Speedybee. I have had the phone two or so weeks and was waiting til payday to get the adapter…

Then remembered there are cables in the ROTG box and it had the very cables I planned to buy! I worry about myself sometimes.

Anyways, I had put the receiver on a fiberglass pole and would run a micro usb cable down to my laptop, which took a bit to set up on top of everything else. Now I repurposed a magnetic phone mount system to hold the phone on the same pole.


thats wicked! I had mine come clipped first day using it (newb in the hobby too so I had no idea what to expect) and it cracked the shell and snapped a switch off. sent them an email saying their clip failed on me and they basically replied “too bad too sad” so I have stopped using a lanyard so I dont rely on it. This is a sweet upgrade tho… I need to build something like it.


I put it to good use yesterday. It took a bit to remember that I didn’t have to take the whole thing off.

Most of my flight I was seated and I found that it kept me from tilting the tx up or down as I flew and when I stood amd flew it was very solid feeling.


A ‘retro’ build (rebuild) of my GT90, 2S Racewhoop 16x16 with 6A 2S Racerstar ESC’s and 8000KV 1103’s. Plenty of pep with a 350mAh 2S battery. (Need a bit more cam angle).


yeah running 1s on a brushless is great! Im in the city in nyc so finding places to fly is a bit hard with noisy kwads. Thats why I love 1s brushless so much! its insanely quiet and batteries are super cheap!


My latest favorite micro.


BetaFPV 85 frame
Crazepony F3 Whoop Pro FC
Frsky RX
Wolfwhoop P-1 micro 25/50/200mW AIO camera
8520 15000kv coreless motors

This is my first DIY quad where I had to solder on multiple small parts and did so successfully. I realized a few places for future improvements, such as soldering the wire from the inside out. It works, so I am not going to mess with it till it dies.


Nice! 85 mm is quite big. Please post some flight footage. :slight_smile:


I wanted to fly a whoop style quad but wanted to make use of the parts I have on hand with my 90’s instead of investing in all new batteries, motors, etc. I slapped on a few rectangle fc’s from other quads to play around but decided to get one designed for the frame.

Going to be taking it out for a spin when I go on lunch.


There are so many “I won’t do but didn’t listen to myself” in these picks but I am not complaining.



Decided to add the mohawk.


I have a quick question… so on my tinyshark im running a 5a esc and motors that can handle 3s… and I would like to run 2 whoop packs together. I have a lot of f260mah hv packs… would they burn too quickly if I used them on it? everything can handle 2s, and 260 whoop packs run fine normally.


wow that looks amazing!


Inspired by Travis’s Boss series I’ve stretched my 75 to 85 for 56mm props. Printed in CF/Nylon.


$47 for this,
FRsky Beecore V2, 700vtl camera, Racestar 615 6x15mm 67K rpm motors, extra props, and 7-260mAh batteries