Show us your builds!


Managed to tweak my design to shed a few grams while making the frame stiffer, stronger and adding an adjustable camera mount…


My parts from came in yesterday so I was able to get the HawkR back together again. The camera guard is hardly noticeable, just at the top corners of the display (until I decide to increase the angle)

I had to repair the rx, a wire broke off mid-flight showing me that there was some lingering damage from the arm breaking crash earlier in the week.


Killed the HawkR so it’s ready to get sent back for replacement.

Sucked it up and mounted the crappy 25mW camera on the whoop and have been zipping around the yard.

Wish I did the rubber band method of mounting when the 200mW worked.


Round two. This time I am leaving things as is with the exception of the added guards.

I am trying something new to deal with the cap issue, shrink wrap it to the battery leads for added rigidity.


Welcome to the family. Two new AlienWhoop ZER0 builds.
Left one with frsky xm receiver and mmw0716-17 motors, right one with Bayang spi receiver and Boldclash 0716 19000kv motors.


Thisis my first attempt at a 1s brushless quad.
I built it to be “endurance” rather than high power.

I know there has been built some serious endurance 1s with gearing but I wanted direct drive.

It uses rewound 0802 (actually 0902) motors. Tello props. Max thrust per motor is around 25g at 2A.

The weight without battery is 25g.

With a 520 mah 1s. It pulls 1.8 A total for all the motors at hover.

Numbers to be taken with a grain of salt as I have not calibrated the current sensor…

Motor are 2 grams each.AIO Flight controller 3 grams. Frame 4 grams. Camera and vtx 4 grams.

I think I might try with some light 1103 or 1102 motors next. Are there others props I could try?

What can I do to further effiency without going to gears?


That is crazy! Video of it in flight?




Untuned and a bit windy.

Not stellar. Think I need to work on the concept.


Wow I love this concept. I guess that is the crazybee F3 you are using? Nice board that.

A light set of 1103 motors might be good. 1103s tend to be more durable with real bearings rather than bushings. Good props will be key. Check out the kingkong 65mm if you want light or Gemfan 3025 if you want something heavier. The 1103s can swing the 3025 but smaller probably won’t. I know there are a few odd sizes around with not a lot of information on like the BBB 0903? Keep posting here, really interested in this build!


It is the crazybee F3.

The motors are SA0802 from eaglepower. These originally came with two dinky super low quality bearings. Eaglepower changed the design to one regular bearing at the bottom and bushing at the top. The stator is really 9 mm. I have wound 18 turns on them. Originally they were 11 turn 10000kv.

Here are the tests I have made with these motor:

I have some betafpv 0802 motors on the way and also some racerstar 1103 6500kv. Betafpv claim they use bearings.

There are alot of 1103 motors out there. Would be nice to test them all but time consuming.

I guess you have seen:

Really inspiring.

Thanks for a great community. Been reading it for a long time.


In my testing I found the most efficient combination for 1S to be 1103 6500KV’s with , this prop.


My 3D printed in Polycarbonate series.
It’s a great material - strong and stiff allowing really light frames.


Bambooquad! yeah I remember that one :joy::ok_hand:


Killed the whoop board, dug out the 90A frame added the good camera and the 90x board. Fried the usb port so it was stuck in angle. Dug out another board, soldered camera to that one and its back in the air and ripping around the yard.


Nice relaxing efficiency build, worry about flight times less :wink:
Sweet fleet @Taylormadearmy, custom boss
Isn’t that great @SinisterLefty how most parts can be swapped or reused like LEGOs!

What I have built this weekend is pretty much the opposite of @flightmode0. There is not a used part on my new 3 inch quad! (Yet… @SinisterLefty). Its got:

  • EMAX F3 mini magnum tower 12a
  • EMAX RS 1106 4500kv motors
  • Runcam Micro Eagle fpv cam
  • HGLRC GTX226 600mw vtx
  • HSKRC 140mm 3mm thick Frame
  • FrSky XM+ receiver

The $11 frame I ordered on banggood had completely different camera mounting than what I got, 11xx motors were too small for mounting but I made them fit.


Finally worn out on boiling glueing and straight pinning the e011 tiny whoops.
I ordered betafpv 65s
Betafpv lite fc board
frames, (green and yellow)
17500kv Motors and 3 blade props (betafpv 3 blade props break real easy. Im talking ghost branch snaps blades off.)
Mullet mod Canopies
Akk 260mah HV 35c 4 pack
Superlite aio 25mW vtx
Weighs 31 w/lipo need to shave a Lil weight
Fallout yellow and blue ( love those games)
Did a Lil weed eating test aswell.


Whoops without grass stains lack credibility


After having my tx drop off the stock lanyard provided with my Taranis a few too many times I decided a change needed to happen.

Enter the MacGyver

I used a buckle system from my Chrome bike messenger bag, para-cord and mini para-cord carabiners to upgrade the lanyard.


My favorite build right now is my tinyshark. That thing is crazy!

Flys great and runs off my whoop packs. A relatively cheap build as well! Runs a tinyfish stack and 1103b 10000kv motors.


Oh and it can run 2s as well!