Show us your builds!


It does fly well for cheap components !


A good tune makes all the difference!


Nice work, love your budget builds. I’ve heard great things about those motors - RCX LS2207 right? Those ESC are the ones of Gearbest? I’ve only ever used 4 in 1 but could be tempted to go separate for the LEDs haha.

Ghetto cam mount FTW!


Yup on the motors.
ESCs are from Banggood, gearbest and I had an unpleasant experience and I don’t shop there anymore. Hakrc is the brand on the ESCs though.

Cam mount itself came from thingiverse, getting it into the Chameleon frame… Very hot glue!

              Wendys      105 mm

Wendys frame
1706 17500kV crazypony motors
King kong 65mm props
Silverised e011 brain (nfe pids)
(LST s2 aio vtx/lst s1, not installed yet )
Betafpv canopy from tiny whoop
double sided tape and a Lil hot glueUploading…


Motors coming down pretty hot. 1min. Runtime
hacked 3 grams off the frame, switched to smaller 55mm props. Now 2-2.5 min. Flight time. But motors still to hot. Hmmmm what to do
Hack more grams off the frame.
Am i correct that lower kV motors would carry the same weight better than higher kv. I have a set of 14 or15kv motors im gonna throw on and see if im right. But any experienced advice is welcomed


I would recommend the bigger 0720, 0820 or 8520 motors for those props, depending on your AUW.
The 0716 motors runs great on smaller props and weights at about 20-35g.
Pretty interesting design with the wood frame :slightly_smiling_face:


Lolz would be an interesting build outta say balsa or southern pine. But its plastic i named it wendys 105 cause the frame ia literally from a wendys kids meal build your shop toys.


How much does it weigh?
As @Animalistik says it’s way overpropped on those props with 716 motors.
I run 720 motors with 55mm props. And even they get really hot. But I just live with it as they fly so well…


Here’s my 75mm Boss Remix frame in Black ABS, running 716 E011 motors. and an SPR F3. Behind is my 720 Boss running the E011C on Silverware and printed in PETG which has held up well.


L-R: Sharper Image DX-2 (not shown), Cheerson CX-30W, Eachine QX-105 BAT, SCP Maker 90X (1S) & 90A (2S), Emax BabyhawkR

My progression through this hobby that started out in Febuary of this year.


Necessity is the mother of invention aka MacGyverism…

After clipping the ground on a crash I destroyed the cheap battery strap the HawkR came with. so I was working on making a new one from another strap I had but couldn’t find my heavy duty thread to finish the project. While I was hunting for the thread I took notice of a rubber cord holder attached to a power box and I pulled it off and put it to a far better use.

Where is that battery going?


Picked up a 8.5mm “whoop” for shits and giggles and gutted my 90X to throw on the frame.


37g to 39g with battery dependent on who h battery. To much for 716s, wiring up 720s with my sons help. Hopefully🤣


Final on the FrankenWhoop.

SP Maker 90x guts (1S) and (crappy) camera.
8.5mm motors
Ridgeback from 3d printed FT Boar frame for protection and holding rx in place.
Camera guard from Eachine QX-105 Bat.

It’s ugly, but it flies!


Hearing many draw attention to the exposed camera I looked into something to guard the lens and saw some aluminum posts but wasn’t too thrilled by them.

As I was working on the whoop I remembered that I had another camera mount from the QX105 and thought the “ears” could make a good set of guards.

The ridgeback isn’t connected but the thought crossed my mind. The Emax BoarR


That looks awesome! Reminds me of one of those crazy horned beetles.


Aww man! Now I am going to see that every time I look at it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nice build @SinisterLefty! Been working on an 8520 myself. The Beta85 frame sure is a tough one. I clipped off the little mounting wings on the FX900TW mount and just used a couple of rubber bands to secure it in place for now.
That camera/mount option fits snug under the ducts of this frame as well as on the Beta65S. Really works to secure camera angle if that matters at all to anyone.
Foam is just some neoprene I had laying around from the box my vape came in.


I didn’t think of using foam as the guards! Will have to do that.

Angle is a bit difficult to maintain I found. In the attempt to correct that I managed to knock something of the camera and now it doesn’t work.