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Nice build, if you give me more infos of the Position of the cam and antenna, maybe some detail photos, i will make you an printable canopy for your build.
Pm me if you like :wink:


Another Sub 40g 3". This ones only 1S and 8000KV, but I’ve been planning to do a 2S vesion.



First of all love that build. Second @JBFPV designed a really protective AIO camera mount for the top of a (square) 20 x 20mm mount. Adapting that to fit a 16 x 16 diamond was the first thing I though of when I saw the photo.


Here is the flexRC Komori I recently re-built. I have heaps of 2.5 and 3" quads with 110X motors so replaced the 1105 6000kV on this one with some crappy ‘ready to sky’ branded 1306 3100kv motors I had floating around from the Furibee X140 mostly because I was bored. Between big magnet gaps and low kV motors it is slow but it is smooth and dead silent and gets bonkers battery life. Around a local park I got 6 minutes on a 3s 450mah (resting voltage 3.7v/cell) and at 8 minutes on my 4s 650mah my goggles battery went flat before I could finished the battery. Was going to build a 6" to try longer build but I’ll just use this instead I reckon


Carbon Micro-H frame 135mm
Eachine 32 bit F3 / SPRacing F3EVO
Dark Edition motors CL-0820-18
Mimic-X Mini Video Tx
Caddx Turbo EOSI 1200 TVL
Lumenier Micro Dipole
Spectrum Quad Race Rx (SPM4648)
BETAFLIGHT spracingf3evo (SPEV) 3.4.0

Turnigy 1S 750 mAh (NE-BA931)
51g without battery


love those -18’s…and that frame…and those props​:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


I think I just found the frame I was looking for to open up the 90X I am running.


Here is my best version of an HD tiny whoop! It’s a couple weeks old, been through a few dozen flights, at least a dozen crashes, and still going strong.(or about like an original tiny whoop, pretty heavy)
It’s got the e013 AIO with mullet mod, old e011 frame & FC with @NotFastEnuf flash, Boldclash 7/16 19,000kv motors, and a SQ12 with the battery deleted.

5v converter module (not sure if that’s the correct name)

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Started as a B03…


Cool build, I have 2 of these and a parrot frame and carbon H and a few others… some running Scisky FC others running Alien FC, do you have a diagram on how you wired the buzzer to the FC, really need to get my fleet all buzzered up so I don’t lose any of these little fellas.


@The_Dude Check out this thread here: Micro Buzzer signal lost low voltage alarm implementation discussion Ideas lots of info and different approaches.
You do have to solder directly to a pin on the chip, so be wary.

Good luck!


That was my little fat headed bugger before diet. Sadly the fat head had to go. It was chubby, but cute. 65mm / 6mm motors / Betafpv F3-OSD-FRSky / H02


The Elf brothers!

I decided to build another X2 Elf frame inspired by the ”Fullblown Elf” on Rotorbuilds.
Instead of a buzzer I added a 470uF cap and for ESC I used a Racerstar Tattoo 12A 32bit.

Stock BF 3.4 flies so good, great little machine for freestyle


First build with the new ZERO. I have to say, it’s a vast improvement over the BetaFPV Lite I’ve been flying.

Cockroach Frame
Bayang transceiver
6x17mm Awesome Sauce motors
TBS props
FXT900TW camera
10 degree mount
205mah Tiny Whoop HV lipo
255mah Nitro Nectar HV lipo
22.1 grams without battery

Flying smooth with higher rates on SW and expo on transmitter. A big thanks to the ALIENWHOOP team for developing a dream of a flight controller!


Sweet looking build! Smart placement of the rx. Did you fly the Betafpv lite with NFE firmware or stock Silverware? If stock, I recommend flashing it!


Built this whoop for my friend Timmay FPV. He made such great pictures I have to share! :heart_eyes:

e011c santa FC flashed with NFE Silverware and my preferred settings
e011c frame with black props
MMW 716 17000kv motors
Turbowing cyclops v2 split cam + vtx.
Self designed 3d printed mount


What are your preferred settings just out of curiosity?


Almost stock NFE just a little higher rate:

#define MAX_RATE 900.0
#define MAX_RATEYAW 600.0

And I put expo to 0.0 and do that on my radio. I did that so it was easier to tweak and see what I like but I kinda stuck with it. But this is also nice for my friend as he can tweak the expo to what he likes on the radio. I use 60 expo on roll/pitch and 45 on yaw on the Jumper.

*PIDs are just default 6/7mm universal pids and weak filtering. Haven’t messed with stick acceleration feature yet.


Thanks JB! Yea, as soon as I got the BetaFPV lite I flashed it with NFE and configured the rates to what you had posted on a video somewhere. Didn’t really like the range I was getting with it though. The whoop kept wanting to sway out everytime I would get maybe 20 feet away. Even with the IRX4 plus.

Coincidentally, I believe it may be do to the Bayang transceiver in general. Going to try an R-XSR on my next build. Hopefully, I can fit it behind the camera as well.