Show us your builds!


3D printed my own frame tiny whoop size. First one was too delicate. It needed to be injection moulded.

Runs on 1102 15000KV motors, 1535 KK props, TinyFish Stack, and a custom split 1S Tattu 450mah 45C lipos. Second iteration flies awesome. More power than a whoop and none of that 07xx brushless delicate motor crap!

First Iteration:

Size Comparision:

Second iteration flies awesome!

Second iteration:

Size comparison:

Mostly, I just wanted to finally 3D print my own whoop. Been wanting to design something since I started this addiction! :smiley:


Very cool. Reminds me a little of the RS90. I know those props ;).
What’s the weight with/without battery? Do those motors get hot on 2S?


Motor to motor distance is 71mm. I haven’t tried 2S because the stack I bought is the old version which only does 1S, but the motors are not even warm after two minutes flying (probably could get more, but I need to calibrate the voltage/current sensors).

It’s a bit heavier than it should be since I split my own 1S from a 3S, but it has decent punch (bit more than my 0716) and it feels pretty locked-in indoors (not too much inertia throwing me into stuff haha).


65mm brushless build
25 grams! full powerr!!


Really nice build Imozeb! Camera looks a bit vulnerable though, can’t you put that inside the frame between the motors? That would be perfect.


Good idea!

I’ll try that!


another build .
bwhoop pro3 silverware
cheap 816 brushed motors with 45mm tri blade
frame using tinywhoop frame stiffener


Not a quad but it’s related to them.

I ordered one of these a few weeks back.

I like it in all ways but one, considering the volatile state lipos have a reputation for, I did not like that there were no extensions included and the batteries would hang off the back of the unit.

I bought a set of extensions but wasn’t happy with those because I didn’t want to have to put the charger in my bunker with the batteries, so I made my own with wires and mesh sleeves left over from a botched pc power supply mod. My soldering skills are improving.


Way better safe than sorry!


Started a little experiment and bring back life in my first quadcopter ever.

Maybe someone else knows the little boy…

Now i have complete rebuild it to get access of real Acro/Racemode for this geard flyer.
Change the original FY326 fc and insert a H8 Mini Blueboard flashed with Bwhoop Silverware Fork.

Rebuild a old damaged Quanum AIO Cam with a Eachine VTX01 Super Mini and install all in this good old frame.

I have crashed it a lot times in the past and therefore it looks a bit tired but for a Acro trainer it will do ther job i think.
After two hours of soldering, drilling and installing the software i was very impressed how good this gear motorized quad fly with the stock settings from @NotFastEnuf Silverware Fork.
Have it only testet indoor at moment but it´s very stable in all modes and looks quit nice overall. :sunglasses:

Hope i can make some footage at Weekend.


I know those all to well, a guy in my area has a bunch of them for teaching kids how to fly. I took one of those in the face while I was whooping around happily! lol :joy:


Yes this things fly like trucks compared to directly driven quads but had a lot of fun with this guy back then.


I ordered this little guy from BuddyRC Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon it was waiting for me in the mailbox. Gotta love local companies!

I had seen on another forum (that shall remain nameless) that people had made 3d printed guards but not having a printer, those were beyond reach. Then it occurred to me that the guards from my grounded QX105 might fit because of how the mounts are designed.

They fit perfectly and are very snug.


85mm whoop 2S

Tiny 8X frame and props
Boldclash Bwhoop B06 canopy including camera and vtx
Furibee 2S brushed motors
Lieber SP Racing F3 Brushed FC
white and green 1206 smd leds
micro LC filter + 5V step down
micro buzzer
noname receiver AFHDS 2A
noname 350mah 35c / Giant Power 300mah 35c / Nano-Tech 300mah 45c 2S lipos

I fitted 8 leds at first but the FC was not able to handle the draw on 3.3V port.
Except for the leds, it was pretty fast and easy to build. This plug and play canopy is a great deal.


On the left is the Mantis 105 with 8.5x20mm motors instead of the 10mm, AIO F3 brushed flight controller on a QX-105 airframe.

In the center is a stock SPC Maker 90X sporting a set of prop guards from the QX.

And making it’s debute is the SPC-105 Bat running the SPC 90X drive train squeezed into the QX-105 frame.


That is killer! I also built a little whoop with the frame stiffener 20180615_233733|666x500


II finally managed to build a sub 40g 3“ brushless quad.

Hovers at around 35% throttle.
Weakpoint is the exposed cam. I already killed one on my first few packs.

Sorry for bad pic/light

Parts I had laying around and bought for cheap (~70$)
Newt 120mm frame
Racerstar 1103 6500kv (I hate those damn single stranded wire with gum insulation)
Happymodel Super_S F4 stack (2S only I fear)
FrSky xm receiver
Gemfan 3025s
AKK BS2-osd
Printed cam mount from thingiverse


Awesome build @chrisdo! I have a similar build like this for LOS flying and it’s crazy! I could probably design you a more protective mount at the cost of a few extra grams of weight.


I had a similar build at one point, though a bit heavier. It remains one of my all time favorites!


I already thought ‘bout using some foam or the like. But I really appreciate your offer to design a mount (16x16 diamond mounting). I still haven’t started to dig into that stuff, shame on me, haha. A few grams more wouldn’t hurt. If you are in the mood and find time to create sth. I’m open to sort details out via PM or Messenger. But hey, no stress at all since I mainly fly my Whoops these days. With 3 kids it’s definitely the easiest and safest way to get my daily dose and I don’t have to leave the house or garden.