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This is my first acro build. I’ve only ever build and flown Whoops before.

It’s a 100mm frame with 8.5mm brushed motors.


Welcome to the freedom of no ducts!
A couple of things to note, your antenna really wants to be straight up, against the carbon frame is asking for drop outs. Also try to sit your props down a bit so any impact from the top doesn’t kill your motors, you may need to drill them slightly but you want the prop hub to hit the top of the can rather than pushing down on the shaft.


Great tips, thank you! I already destroyed 2 motors on the maiden flight :roll_eyes: But I think that was because of weird magnetic dust getting in the motors.

I would love to keep the antenna upright, but I have massive props on that thing. You can’t really see it on the first picture, but there is not much clearance between them. Everything that sticks out gets chopped off :joy:


A well placed zip tie makes a great “mast” for your antenna with a little heat shrink to keep it tucked against. You may already know these things … :wink:


And if it reaches, have it come off an arm w/ a zip tie and then it’ll be protected.


Love that frame, so durable and fits whoop FCs/Canopys.
I would recommend that you switch those props out for 55-56mm ones, I get better punch and way more flight time with cooler motors.
I have several bags of those 65mm propps that I probably wont use :laughing:
I used the same frame for a 2s build with some special motor placements inspired by the Catalyst Machineworks Merica frame.


Thanks to NotFastEnuf here is my brushless whoop, with runcam micro and tx200, I need to buy you a beer NFE.


Now that is a WILF! (Whoop I’d Love to Fly)


ROTFL! :rofl:

Waiting for WILF PRON now! :sweat_smile:


Whoop Whoop Mix


Thought I would share my first non-toy setup that came in the mail yesterday.

I have been working up to this for a while and doing all kinds of research. Then the day it shows and I start the process of getting it ready to go, I felt like my first call at work. My mind went blank on what and how to do. Thank the gods for Youtube!


Looks good!
…and may the gods of fair weather smile on your first flights.


Here is a 70mm CrazePony X frame micro I built with 1103’s and AIO Super_S Flytower a BF Omnibus F3 FC with OSD and 6A ESC’s.

It’s fast and flys great using a compact 2S 400mah 60C battery for approx 3 mins. This great size ids hard to find. It will fly with a 2S 450mah gumstick but its a bit sluggish with the added weight and length requires the battery to be well centered. I also made a zippy light 2S from some tiny whoop 1S 150mah wired in series but she only flies for a minute.
I bought my frame from CrazePony store on Amazon however these 70mm frames are now on sale for 2 bucks at Kado’s Multirotors website.


Nice litte brushless qwad you got there.
I changed from 450 2s to 350 2s and my flight times went up to about 4 min. Also my 80mm frame flies like a dream with 350 CNHL 2s lipos :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. 4 Mins wow. I must try some of those CNHL 2S 350’s.
Looking for a neat frame for a 15x15mm Teeny Cube F3 tower. I’m psyched for the challenge. I love building and tuning them even more than FPV flying.


Bat 100 frame
Super S F4 stack
Sunnysky 0703 12000kv

Like a rocket on 2s, flies super awesome!
On the downside it seems to be very amp hungry…

UPDATE: The bearings of these motors didnt last long on 2s even tho they are rated for it. 3/4 motors sound like there is no bearings left…


I needed to do something with the 7 x 20 14Kv motors that weren’t fast enough for the 75mm whoop. (btw, the new 18Kv motors are awesome). Anyway, I designed this frame I call the Lil Ninja, 'cuz it looks kinda like a ninja star. I cracked the first frame because I didn’t pilot the FC mount holes large enough. If that area shows to be weak I’ll redesign and add more material in that area. My son has a 50W Epilog laser and these are laser cut of .125 thick cast acrylic. The dual arms on the back are either to glue a separate Video TX vertically or the power wires can be secured there to keep out of the props. (I haven’t done either yet but probably will install a VTX03 there for longer range) The props are 55mm and the frame diagonal is 90mm.

I did first flight today and I’m still a noob at piloting. I set it up with @Benedikt’s basic Betaflight 3.2 settings and it flys great. This is my first FPV that is open propeller and I’m already missing the prop guards but I’ll adapt.



I think the gods of foul weather found me with this build. The first board lasted one 5 min flight before blowing a fet and the second board lasted a 35 min flight before blowing the same fet. Found out it’s a component flaw, too much power for the fet and if it gets stopped against its will for any amount of time it pops.

BangGood is sending me a replacement but I told them that if it does not have the upgraded fets I will be calling for a refund of it and all items bought in connection to that quad (charger, batteries, extra frame and props) and will be investing in a micro brushless.


My first actual DIY build.

I started with these

And, as I mentioned previously, the QX-105 on the left is grounded due to flight controller issues. The CX-30 has been taking a beating and a motor gave out. So I started taking it apart to change the motor. Then I got thinking and this happened…

I found grommets from my harbor freight electrical parts kit that fit the mounts and due to their oblong shape, they hold the motors nice and snug. The flight controller from the CX fit perfectly and the motor wiring could reach the board with a loop around the arms. I secured the board with zip ties and decided to leave the extra intact, which gives it a bug-like appearance.

At the moment I cannot use the camera due to mismatch plugs and I do not want to modify it while I am still waiting on the new board and potential refund request. So I took it off the mount and put the mount back on to give it a better look.

I put new props on and took it out for its maiden flight.

I am seriously impressed!