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Yeah exactly! I have a hard enough time with 18 bucks for something I know will get sightly worse every time I use it at best and may just die.


BWhoop FC
BWhoop 19.000kv motors
GNB 260mAh LiHV
VM275t AIO
NFE Mohawk canopy made of 0.5mm thick PETG
31,8g AUW


New build 2" (maybe) indoor flyer!

  • super_s flytower f3 stack (2s only)
  • 1103 8000kv
  • GF2040 2"
  • 55g
  • 3d printed frame

Rotorbuilds: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/12068



@ghostface Super nice build! :smiley:

Thought I recognized some DJ-105 in there. Then the RotorBuilds link mentioned it was the TwentyFour-7 quad by jimbo_wa, which I remember seeing on RCG.

Would love to see some LOS flight video, if you have any!


Yeah it’s a bit smaller than the dj-105 and fits 2" props perfectly!
I am not a good LOS flyer but I’ll try to record some next chance I get :slight_smile:


I found a cheap carbon frame similar to this on bg, which I’m gonna use for a similar build: https://www.banggood.com/X2UFO-78mm-Full-Encircling-3K-Carbon-Fiber-Frame-Kit-for-RC-Multirotor-FPV-Racing-Drone-p-1261353.html?rmmds=detail-left-viewhistory__5


Cool - Definitely worth a try, I might get that one and transplant my stuff into it if the frame turns out to be not that sturdy.

Btw. I was surprised that the frame I printed came out at about ~19g vs. the 21g frame on banggood :smiley: still that means switching frames will have little weight change :slight_smile:


No LOS but a quick FPV maiden test on some not-perfectly tweaked PIDS to see what its like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8qNChu88-8


@ghostface Flies incredibly well for a 2S fully enclosed frame with only 2” props! What size LiPo did you fly with?

Makes me want to build that (slightly larger) DJ-105 that I’ve been sitting on.


I am using GNB 550mah 2s - I find them to be the perfect sized lipo these kind of builds and I usually get like ~ 4.5 minutes of aggressive flying with those motors/weight/prop combos.

Gonna swap the props for some quad blade dys Q2035x4 next and finish tuning it (you see I get some bounce back on flips - probably because D is too low).

Yeah I printed the DJ-105 in nylon and built that one a year ago or so. I wasn’t very experienced in building then so it ended up at I think ~100g dry - used 1103 8000kv on that too but the motors combined with the crap props I was using made it pretty slow.

I think 1104/1105 would be a better match for the DJ-105, I might go back to that one someday.
Was then looking to build an RS90 but its kinda a weird frame in it’s own way not particularly suited for todays tech, so I was very happy to find this twentyfour7.


Check out the new indoor video from the office with tweaked pids :slight_smile:


Late to the party, but I finally found some time to mess with silverware.
Built 2 cheapo 0716 Whoops.

Right one:
E011 frame
E011 FC flashed with NFE silverware
Stock E011 motors
KingKong 31mm 3blades
EF-02 aio
selfmade pvc NFE Mowhawk Canopy
MMW battery foam

Left one:
BWhoop frame
E011 FC flashed with NFE silverware
Strix 0716 15000kv motors (under 3bucks a set)
31mm 4blades
AKK BS2 aio
NFE hydrodipped Shanghai canopy
MMW battery foam

Just had a few flights and I‘m amazed how smooth they fly. Why have I spent so much money in the past?
Thanks @NotFastEnuf for all your brilliant work.


@chrisdo $3 a set for 0716? Have you flow them before? Are they any good? Link?


Haven’t flown them before. Have to test them further. First impression: better than rattling stock e011s, way weaker than MMW0716s.


That’s an insane price! Thanks!


Here are my latest survivors

top left - QX95 Frame, Tiny FC, 0816 generic motors, KingKong props - BF3.4

top right - Diatone Beta 2, Tiny FC, 0820 Spintechs, KingKong props - BF 3.4

middle left - MI110 110mm frame, AIOF3PRO FC, BetaFPV 820 Black motors, KingKong props - BF3.4

middle center - Boss 6mm V1 frame, Microscky V1 FC, H8 props, Crazepony 19k motors, BF 3.2.5

middle right - MI110 110mm frame, AIOF3PRO FC, Generic 0820 geared motors (gear removed), KingKong props - BF3.4

bottom left - Boss 6mm V1 frame, E011 FC, SunFounder 18.1kV motors, H8 props

bottom center - Boss 8.5mm V1 frame, E011 FC, 0820 3 Spintechs, 1 MMW Dark edition motor, KingKong props

bottom right - Boss 6mm V1 frame, E011 FC, BetaFPV 19.5k motors, H8 props

All my Boss frames are UV glued together- haha
Waiting on a fresh shipment of frames and canopies this June (yippee!)

All E011 FCs flashed with NFE/Silverware. (simply the best for <120mm brushed quads).


I bought a bunch of them and they fly really good .


X2 Eyas frame
SuperS F4 FC (soft mounted)
HAKRC 15A AiO Esc (overkill I know)
HGLRC 1104 7500kv (soft mounted)
VTX 03
RunCam Micro Sparrow
FrSky XM
62g (no lipo)

Flies great at 450/550mah 2S
Do I dare to try 3S on that 2S rated FC, or do I have to put a regulator in that tight stack? :smile:


I am pretty sure you will fry it. But if you try 3s successfully let me know :slight_smile:


Can you print a frame and if yes, do you have any ideia of the price, please.
I have some H8 FC´s and I would love to add one of this beauty to my colection.
keep up the good work eXzez