Show us your builds!


What battery are you planning on using? That will be a big factor as well, cause of the 8k should be good for both, with a nice top speed, but probably only on 2s. IMHO, 3s should be on a lower kv with bigger props…


Being my first brushless build I am planning on sticking with 2s. Once I experiment with that and fly it around, I will probably upgrade to something a little faster (got 2 frames coming). So 8K kv on 2s with 2 or 2.5in props sounds like a winning combo… hopefully… I just need to get the 16x16 fc/esc/vtx selected now!


I’d look into the pepper fish one. A lot of guys have had good times with that one. I had the racerstar one, and 3/4 ESCs were toast out of the box.


You may want to get the updated Pepper Fish which can handle 2S. It’s the red board.


I have several super_s F4 stacks. Cheapest strangely enough is hobbyking atm. Fc for 12 and stacks are 20


The Hulk
Hglrc F428 FC/ESCs
Atx 03
A cheap cam
RCX 1304 4000Kv
Xm +
CS2 Frame
GF 3025s
4s lipo 95g dry


Just finished my hyperlite tooth fairy 5” build (I know, not a micro). You can see it here
It hovers we only 5% throttle! Crazy! Auw is 418.4g with lipo


Nice! I have a similar build based on the floss 2 with returner r2s as well. It pushed my F428 to and beyond the limit but hear the f438/f440 is much more capable. I’d still recommend external caps though!

Your battery I think would weight as much as the quad itself? :smiley:


Yep! I’ve got a nice 35v 1000uf cap on, but it still gets warm.
My battery is close to the dry weight of the quad at 178g! It’s a cnhl 1300 4s 100c, and if I really wanted to, I could go down to a 1000mah to cut weight. I don’t think that it’s that good of an idea, cuz of the loss of flight time… But I could cut the Charpu-ness down a little to save weight. Less hot glue and tape! :sweat_smile:
I maidened it in the middle of a windstorm (not a good idea) and almost lost it to a tree in my front yard…


That’s so awesome :smile:


Thanks to @Taylormadearmy he printed me up 2 boss frames for 716 and 720 motors with tinywhoop FC’s

Had some delays waiting on flight controllers but finally got this 716 assembled tonight and it’s 3.1g lighter than my previous build

Boss Frame
MMW insane motors
H8 props
Beta OSD board
FX900TW converted to OSD
Mylipo 440


New 2.5" build complete!
Runcam Split, 1106 6000kv 2-3s. 103g dry.
Running the kickass BR2.5" frame of Karl Derner.
Little pocket rocket, flies very smoothly!



@ghostface Nice build. I’m looking for alternatives to the default whip or delicate cloverleaf with an Ipex connector. How does that VTX antenna work for you? Is it better than the stock linear antenna?


@Imozeb way better imho. I am running an original axii on 2 other builds and noticed no difference with the uxii (clone).
Both are much better than a whip - I don’t run cloverleaf anymore since they are so fragile.

Also the uxii is pretty cheap, only 1.6g and the shorter antenna wire is better for micro builds.

I paired it with a pagoda and triple feed patch on my goggles and get perfect reception in a 100m radius even with 25mw - didn’t go much further than that yet.


Tomoquad ul4
Hglrc f438 tx20 v2
Cobra 1407 3700kv
Foxeer micro arrow pro
Hq 4x4.3


Put my main quadcopter a slight diet by replacing the rubber vibration mounts, which had metal screws with nylon screws by cutting them up and super-glueing nylon screws to the rubber vibration mounts. Also removed the micro swift 2 osd cable, shortened the lipo wires, and removed some a pico molex connector pair between the cam and the VTX.

Old weight 150g. New weight 146g.


@NotFastEnuf motors fly again! This time on a Chameleon.
Eachine stack-x, so it will be recording 1080p60 video in theory.


Am I the only one who thinks cnhl 1300s are under rated? Especially for the weight…


They’re heavy for the capacity/rating, definitely.
But, they do cough up at of amps and cost far less than an r-line. These were 18 bucks each rather than 33, that lightness is expensive.
I want some r-lines though.

So, no, you’re not.


I beat the crap out of my gear, and a cheap lipo that’s good will be great for me! A pricy lipo would be good for racing though…