Show us your builds!


@TinuZ I’ve never flashed silverware before?

Is it complicated? I have Mac computer does that make any difference?

Also I should add I’m not a confident Acro flier, I have some basic practice on my whoops


Its basicly impossible unless you are an advanced user, ive spent several hours trying to install the ST adapter drivers on my Mac with no succes…
Seems quite easy with a PC, alot of guides on YT.


Try this; great work by @sier


Yep i have that, but no ST driver. I tried installing STlink using the terminal and Homebrew.
Still cant connect :frowning:


What error does the tool give you when you try to erase a board? I never needed to instal anything to use stlink on my Macbook


I get ”Unlocking failed. Are all cables connected correctly?”
Im using GND-GND, SWDIO-SWDIO, SWCLK-SWCLK. Soldered to the small connector and not the big pads in the middle.
Battery is connected when i try to unlock.


You should check the connections with a multimeter tool, if the middle points and the connector are labeled the same then you have to switch dio and clk on the st link. (edit: if it’s an e011 and not with the new board)

First just try to connect.

I had to change the firmware on the st link also.


I got the ST link utility on my PC. I can connect, the ST link firmware is updated, but not enough space on that computer to install Keil :laughing:


@Animalistik Hm, that is weird. You shouldn’t need anything but the tools. Does the tool give you any error, apart from the line you posted? Maybe PM me, so we don’t spam this thread.


Put this together today

MMW 716
H8 props
Mylipo 240HV
Beta canopy thrown on for protection


Much better handling than with top mounted camera. Weight without battery 19,7g.


My Wltoys a232 arrived yesterday. Got it set up, played with it, repaired it, the usual… figured I’d take a picture before it’s unrecognizable! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Vtx03 and a small cam from BG


@MidnightQuads Awesome! Can’t wait for more pictures and some video (LOS and FPV).

On a related note, I ordered a WLtoys A989 just a few days ago. HK US warehouse had it for about $45, 30 percent less than BG China! Failing a full-scale rally car, I’ve always wanted to have a small RC rally car. So it was a no-brainer. :wink:


I just destroyed a recently purchased A979 myself this week. Lol.

It was fast…but total junk. I did however enjoy it so much that I got a couple other more quality cars. Ecx Boost and Ecx Amp of ebay. Just as fast as the a979 when i run them on 3s and waaaaay more durable. Typical auction price on something like those are below 80$ when in need of an esc or other minor part.

@Bobnova has also recently put a cam on an older duratrax car. Those were pretty sweet.


@NotFastEnuf Too bad it broke so quickly! What were the weak points? I think the A979 is the Porsche-looking version. Will have to see how well my rally version holds up. At least it’s got knobby tires instead of slicks. :wink:

eBay has so much good stuff! NOS of vintage models. Recent releases at great prices. And unbelievable bargains on pre-built and pre-loved stuff. If I wasn’t trying to stick to a small scale, e.g. 1/24, this Tamiya 1:10 Impreza 2.5 RS would be top of my list. :smiley:


The a979 is the 1:18 scale 4wd off road truck that does 30mph with the small motor option and 40mph with the large motor option. Those are advanced hobby grade speeds and a 40$ rig has to compromise EVERYTHING to reach them at that price. After a week and maybe a dozen runs I had cooked the motor, blown the esc, cracked the rims, stripped the gears, broken the suspension, and generally just wore it out in critical friction or load bearing areas.

The vehicle i think you are looking at is the micro 1:24 brushed version. That one I also have and it’s still alive. It’s weak point is the axles that tge front wheels ride on. They bend very easily leading to wobbly wheels and a rather bumpy fpv ride. For 1:24 scale there are often some much higher quality ecx vehicles available on eBay auction too for not much more money. I just checked and there are not any right now but if I come across one I’ll tag you!


how are yall powering the vtx and camera on these builds? I guess I havent tore apart a rc car/truck ever, but figure it has to resemble the fc of our quads somewhat? Or are you just plugging it straight into a jst plug and small 1s battery?


The a999 I put a Y in the main battery cable as it runs 1s.

The old Duratrax I glued the camera/vtx to the canopy and then put a sticky silicone pad on there that holds a whoop battery. Camera/vtx plugs straight into that.


Just a regular 1s battery from my old brushed builds. Any connector aught to do it…
A cut down LiPo strap holds it in place and the vtx and cam are hot glued to the lexan.


Seemed simple enough. Thanks for the confirmation. In the next month I am looking to build my first brushless build on a boss frame. Will be looking for some advice as I get stuck. Never put together a stack! Will be exciting.
Pretty sure I am going to pick up some RaceStar 1103 8000kv motors. Pretty sure the 8000kv is better suited for the light weight over the 6500kv? Would either work? Would the lower kv aka higher torque be better for freestyle acro? Im not looking to race anyone with this first build. Just rip around the park.