Show us your builds!


This is it, recorded with the cyclops DVR camera.
Actual flight audio!

I’m going with “yes”, though not as hard as something lighter with newer motors.


Nice! That’s got some good punch! That spot is also pretty sweet


My first custom tiny whoop build! I wanted to go with a gold and black but Tiny Whoop brand was out of gold props so I got the gold NBD motors and got the black motors too

Frame - just your classic E010 black frame
Motors - NBD black motors
Camera - some Crazepony camera with vin and vout
FC - Beecore V2.0
Canopy - something my friend had left over and gave me


Boldclash B03 frame + board with Silverware
Boldclash 19.000kv motors
GNB 260mAh LiHV
VM275t AIO


B03 fc, boldclash 615 18000kv motors, Betafpv clear canopy, akk s2 aio with wire antenna (same range with dipole), f36 frame, bwhoop 260mah, and silverware.


6mm, 19500KV, Beta Lite FC with “Silver Surfer” Silverware racing setup (will release soon)


Pimp my Whoop :grin:


What does it mean when you said that that your quad has “silverware”?

I’ve just only heard it a few times and was wondering what it was



It’s a custom firmware for toy grade quads. After flashing they are no longer toy grade. :grin:
It’s a homebrew project managed by silver13 (not sure that silver13 is silverxxx on other forums :thinking:).
ATM it’s the best or almost the best Whoop firmware IMHO. (and more)
It has it’s own topics on this forum also. A very popular one is NotFastEnuf’s fork.


Two maiden flights just now, both fly amazing. One of them is a bit scary, the other one was better for garden flying :grin:
I know the 5” aint a micro, but i had to show you guys this brand new Swedish design :muscle:


More details on the big strange one please :smiling_imp:


Yes please! More info!
Looks like a CF/plastic (delrin?) sandwich with vertical arms. I’m intrigued.


This is a Swedronez 195mm frame designed and made in Gothenburg, Sweden. The arms act as wings and it weighs in at about 100g.
As you can see the ”wings” can also fit the ESCs which makes a super compact build.
The battery is protected and sits snug between foam pads, no need for battery strap.
@Bobnova its made out of 4mm premium CF/foam core sandwich. Im not sure about the foam core as im not the creator of this awesome frame.
For more detailed info you should go have a look at

DYS F4 pro V2
DYS Aria
Brotherhobby Returner R5 2306 2650kv ”Deadpool”
TBS Unify Nano
R-xsr RX
Caddx S1 camera is a placeholder until I can decide for either the Micro Predator or Micro Eagle.


It is a thing of beauty.


Thanks bro, I too love the design. Ive been following the devolpment and holding out for this one for a few months now.
I actually was the first paying customer of this frame.
Btw the cutout on top is actually a 45 degree GoPro mount :+1:


Late reply I know! The 3025 props cut down to 2" work pretty well but are ugly as heck with a crazy bull nose. What I actually found worked better was the Gemfan 3035 cut down to a 2 blade. That way they retain the original blade geometry and they are lighter too - down to 35g now. Once my Full Speed Nano receiver arrives it’ll be down to 34.5g.

Interesting when this quad was 42g the 2-blade 3035 was weak but at 35g they are perfect. 52g all up with 2s 300mah

Finally got it on rotorbuilds too:


New gemfans and antenna mod. Also some stainless allen M2 bolts to finish it off.
Nice and simple and flies like a demon with those props.
Ordered some new batteries for it but only the packaging arrived so I will have to wait before I can get some proper acro in. I blame Hermes.
Going to spray the canopy soon too but need to decide what will look cool first.
Any ideas for canopy colour/color?
I was thinking flourescent blue or something.


This will make experimentation with Silverware SO much more convenient!


Has anyone tried using the BetaFPV osd F.C. with 720/8.5mm motors?
I am using the stock E011 F.C. it flies fine on the 8.5 but is a little sloppy. Would 56mm props be better or try the tiny whoop F.C.?


Why don’t you flash silverware to the e011 fc? Best flying brushed FC imho.