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Show us your builds!


Here’s my Elf X2 build, nothing particularly special in terms of components apart from @Ian444’s fantastically developed Silverware board. 2s capable and very much like the dedicated board but a smaller footprint and few different powering options, was soldered by my shaky hands.


Nicely done, I should really get one of Ian’s boards to build for my collection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




That bl whoop- does that have double lipos? Parallel or series?


Yes, double in series so 2S.


New Crook 110 frame (Rotorious FPV)
Super_S F4 stack with 6A ESC
Racerstar 1103B 10000kv motors
experimenting with some different brushed props

This thing is a blast to fly, but kinda beyond my skill level at the moment. Looking forward to getting better so I can fly the thing more to its abilities! 2nd real build ever, so not the cleanest, but better than I was expecting too!


A bit late but the GNB 350 2S batteries are also very good! They performed better than the mylipo 350 35-70C in my tests.


Thanks for the advice, I did however find a forgoten brand new Tattu 300mah 2s the other day in my lipo box haha… I will give that a go and see how well that performs.


My first whoop! I finally joined the whoop train… 30.0g auw
Beta fpv 65 frame and 260mah lipos
Fast motors
Betafpv fc w/osd
A8s rx


Adding to my air-force:

On left 65mm frame, FC Racestar Crazybee, F4 Betafpv 0603, on right 75mm frame, FC BeeCore Omnibus F3, SunnySky 0703, XM receiver and Turbowing 700TVL camera.


Whats the brand of the 75mm frame, and is that Racerstar FC really an F4?


I’m sorry, misstyped. It’s F3. Frames are from betafpv.


I was hoping Racerstar released an F4 brushless whoop FC, someone probably will before next indoor season.

Im looking to buy BetaFPV 75mm brushless frame but they claim Sunnysky wont fit, seems like you are running Sunnysky though. Did you have to mod the frame or did they fit straight from the box?


in BetaFlight right under motor orientation it shows “reverse” - is that on?


Right! SunnySky motors do not fit onb BetaFPV 75 frame. You have to make center hole a little bit bigger.
You need 4mm drill and drill into center hole abt. half ticknes of the frame. Otherwise is so much friction on
bottom of the motor that they don’t spin.


5" got an upgrade, has a Cyclops camera-dvr now, held in a bracket I designed/printed.


What motors are those? Frame?


Frame is a clone of the qav210, motors are clones of emax 2204 motors but have been rewound by notfastenuf to around 2600kv. They’re solid now, but not amazingly efficient.


Sweet. I have parts on the way for a hyperlite racer and a new acro quad. But does it rip?