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Lol, 10mph at 1/33 scale, it’ll feel like you’re going 330mph!! :racing_car:


Yup! I’d guess in the 10-14mph range for the A999 with mmw 0716.
It lost a little low end grunt compared to the stock motor, but the high end! Significantly faster acceleration past maybe 40%RPM and a much higher top speed. I run out of house before it peaks now.
Reminds me a lot of a two cycle with a pipe actually. Slow, not as slow, fast, omfg.


Haha cool guys, i did the same thing this summer. Broke the steering somehow when running it outside. Too bad i didnt take any pictures of it, did manage to squeeze a tx02 inside the roll cage.


Omnibus F4 clone
Hakrc 15a 4in1 esc
Rcx 1304 5000kv
GF 3025s
Makerfire 112mm frame
Wolfwhoop P-1 cam
Lemon rx


Very nice! How’s it fly? 3s? 2s? 4s?


3s… I haven’t flown it yet… Still letting the comformal coating dry… Also I need a good starting point for pids… Right now they on default… Tuning is not one of my strong points…


Hi I am new here and thought I would chime in with my third build: DX6i ,17500’s, HV and tuned. Goes like stink with no issues!


A Silverware 2" brushless build here.
RotoriousFpv Speck2",
Hand built fc,
6A esc,
BR1103 6500kV Racerstar cheapos
It’ll run 2s and 3s (just as 3s is out of spec for almost all components, but hey it works)


Thank you @NotFastEnuf for the frame, canopy, tune and your contributions to this addiction

Sliverized /NFE FC
18100KV 0615 motors
HM830 46mm props
NFE Boss 6 v1 Frame
NFE Canopy
Dental Floss

I was able to tuck the VTX under the FC. I also relocated the crystal and put it on the bottom. When I get the inspiration again, I’m going to lighten it up by hardwiring everything and eliminating all connectors. The camera and FC and VTX are held on with 2 itzy bitzy ty-wraps.

@NotFastEnuf - Dude, hats off to you for your custom-made tune you compiled for me. Long story short - I have never ever been able to FPV inside for more than 5 seconds without crashing. With this little guy, I can fly now up to LVC kicks_in in acro mode without crashing - well maybe twice. And, dig the tilt on my camera…haha I couldn’t do this in BF…I probably could only deal with a 10degree tilt indoors flying BF. That’s how locked in it feels.
Anyway, thanks to your tune and the quality of Silverware, I might yet learn to fly…good enough to video - hehehe


Silverware changed everything for me too in regards to flying acro inside. It immediately made me a better pilot. This is what has us all hooked and tolerant of the"hoops" we have to jump through for flashing. Have fun my friend! The build looks great :smile:


Eachine lizard 95 re frame into a tomoquads sonic gt 2 fitted with an eachine vtx03 and a foxeer micro cam


Modified Realacc Flea 80mm frame:
SuperS F4
Racerstar 6A
Racerstar 1103 8000kv
Turbowing 700tvl AiO
Emax Avan 2040
Weighs in just below 41g w/o lipo. Might try other propps since it doesnt feel locked in, might be a tuning issue though.


Your on a roll, Sir!

I hope it’s not those props, I’ve heard good things about them from JB I think. I have some in my cart since my quad budget is on life support right now😆


Haha there is a few more micros on my bench, so stay tuned…
I dont think its the propps, its probably the tune. My problem is I still need to learn how to tune my quads properly. :laughing: Its getting better though and I got two more packs in just now.
The propps are pretty rugged, crashed into a tree and the wall of my house, not even one bent blade. :+1:
They do seem to need alot of throttle to get good grip.


Nice build! Check out the nanotech 300mah 2s batteries. They are ony 17g and for me on a smilar sized quad offer similar flight time with less weight than the bolt v1 500mah


Thanks :grin: Yes i have been thinking about getting 300mah 2s lipos, have to lay low on the orders at the moment. I have actually flown this on 450 GnB 2s and had good results and 300 should be perfect.
Will for sure need smaller for my my 1.9” 70mm frame with 1103 10000kv that is waiting for a RX :smile:


no money no problem. Literally made it out of paint stir sticks, fiberglass mesh (for drywall repair), and a coat of superglue. It flies better than expected, since it was completely freehand. Lol i have a lot of time on my hands


:laughing:use what you got, right?! Lol, love it


Epic! I love making new ideas with what I have laying around.
When the paper runs thin, I am going to create a crazy whoop with only what I have and my trusty skills. I put an F3 EVO acro board in a geared potensic drone a few months back and with the bigger motors and a tune in beta it went like there was no tomorrow! couple with a full fpv setup and it was as crazy as a bag of baboons


I love it and I want one