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Boss 816 (almost done) and Boss 7


Looks awesome! @Jakerock and @NotFastEnuf do you guys solder your motor wires straight to the board? What’s best practice on that?


Yeah… The 816s I bought have no motor plugs so I removed the plugs from the board as well and soldered directly. I also like to throw one of these micro connectors on for easy flasherooni.
716s come with plugs so, easy!


Sooo i had a bit of extra time lately to put togheter some builds that have just been collecting dust.
This is a Latian 105 frame that was supposed to be a ultralight, but i ended up puting a Runcam nano and LED/buzzer on it. Weighs in at 42g w/o lipo… :rofl:
I might need to put 55mm propps on it to make the fligh time a bit better, got some Bonka HV 500mah on the way from Rotorious that might just be perfect.
Tiny F3 osd
Racerstar 8520
KingKong 65mm propps
VTX 03
Runcam Nano
uSky RX


140mm stretched x
1306 3100kv
20A 4 in 1 esc
Omni f4 FC
Runcam micro swift copy
A8s rx

Video coming soon, I forgot to dvr the maiden…:sweat_smile:


Is the e011 fc with acro only and some spintech 8.5 and the king kong cam. Very fast on the nanotech 750


E011 acro only with eachine tx03 and beta fpv 3 blades.


@stevefpv looks clean! Do you find that the 3 bladed props make a noticeable difference to 4 bladed?


i think the 4 blades have more punch. its a tiny difference and im not really good enough at flying yet to tell what is better since im still trying to get that perfect setup myself… i do notice if im hauling ass one way and do a immediate yaw 180 it moves the opposite way faster with the 4 blades but i think im gonna try to build a whoop stripped of every extra gram i can next time like that @JBFPV dude since hes my hero now


saweet!!! i need these plugs… can you just push them in instead of soldering? i might just solder the pins to my wires… always looking for new ideas lol


I feel like you’re probably right about the punch. @JBFPV is my hero as well, interestingly in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAFo3vgABb0 video he is running two bladed props (he power loops a chair!)


lol i know im responsible for at least 30 views… fkn amazing man


when you are using the higher kv motors i think the whole thing changes… the 2 blades going that fast probably gives more thrust than the 4 blades stock


I think that you might lose thrust on 2 blades, but its less weight and the motors can turn much easier so you get less amp draw and better flight times.
Response from the motors might get better aswell.


haha thanks guys for all the nice comments. You should check out this video:

I used to run 4 blades but after flying @Benedikt 's whoop I won in the raffle I was surprised by the performance of 2 blades. Main reason I’m using 2 blades on 19000kv was due to heat and efficiency, 4 blades does give more thrust but it’s not all that much of a difference on 19000kv. With 4 blades they get real hot fast, but with 2 blades I can fly batteries back to back no problem. Lower Kv I would definitely run 4 blades. For 0716, 4 blades is the way to go. That’s what Benedikt said anyways. I’m still mixing it up, currently running 3 blades on 6mm 19000kv but I don’t feel much of a difference to be honest, I just fly whatever.


A999 1/26(28?) Scale truck thing, it was 22 bucks so I had to!
Hacked a camera in, also a battery connector so I can run other larger packs and replace them rather than having to wait for it to charge.
Turned out to use a 0716 motor, so one of my three remaining MMW units went in. Thing rips!



I’ve been playing around with that same idea, but on a friend’s traxxas slash… insane


This thing isn´t fast at all and it´s way beyond precise control. Also it´s a pita to get fuzz and hairs off. Anyway, just for fun.
A fpv slash will surely rock. Maybe I should reactivate my Slash 1/16 too.


That thing is tiny! 1/36?

The A999 I have is technically proportional steering, but it feels like it has about 15 worlds of expo and a lot of super-rate.
I wouldn’t call it precise either, but the feel of speed is there.

I’ve been eyeballing the jjrc Q35.