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Wow man! 36 grams!!! Congratulations that is an accomplishment. I’m on a mission to get there myself right now. Same camera, same stack - hope to start the build soon!


Thanks man, a lot of your earlier discussions inspired me to go light.

That little stack is great, doesn’t do 3s but it’s not needed. Even on cheap well used 8000kv racer star motors it goes well. Might chop down some gemfan 3025 props since I think it only needs twin blades at this weight. Been flying it heaps on holiday along the beach when it cools down in the evening, so much fun.


I have not tried the cut 3025 yet on the 1103 8000kv although it is my favorite prop on 1102. I have been using the emax babyhawk props with great results but I don’t think they’d fit your frame. Please do update us on the results you get on the cut 3025. I may have to swap also.


This quad build is partially mine and partially @NotFastEnuf’s since he did all the hard work! (Printing, Tunning, Flashing, Vacuum Forming, Instructing)
This is basically the lightest most indestructible Boss:
The Boss 7XL printed in nylonX
Nano Qx HM830 props
Boldclash 716-19k
Shanghai canopy
Akk S2 600tvl Cmos
Eachine 45c 150mah 3.7v 5g


Breakfast of Champions … or should I say Breakfast of a Boss!!!

Just assembled a Boss 8.5 last night …


Hi all, first post and this is my latest build, 100mm frame flight controller is an spracing f3evo with a flysky receiver on it, camera is an eachine tx03 modded with whip antenna, motors are the upgraded qx95 ones and the led strip has been salvaged from an old qx95. Weight without battery is 42g not too light but not that heavy either


Rebuilt my elf x2 frame with a micro sparrow and xm+ receiver - clocking in at 50g dry exactly.

1103 8000kv, microsparrow, xm+, eachine minicube fc, racestar 6a esc (burned the 10a esc), vtx03, gf hulkie 2040 props


Nice build! Where can i buy this?:wink:


mount is a 3d printed modified kl-ex90 mount: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2771655 for those who care :slight_smile:


Nice build, repurposed is a true mark of a good hack, you’ll do well here. Welcome.


@Kamsleo69 thanks man, it flies pretty stable too with some qx95 pids that i found on yt apart from a little propwash in some hard yaw maneuvers but i think it’s unavoidable on brushed quads, the cheap frame so far has been very resilient taking crashes with trees and metal poles without taking damage


My latest addition to the Whoop family

MMW 617 25000kv (insane perfomance)
BetaFPV F3 Evo FrSky RX (need all amps for the motors so no OSD)
Cockroach frame
VM275T (VM2751 - got tricked by AliExpress vendor :laughing:) with antenna mod
KK propps
20/27g without/with Nitro Nectar 250mah

Edit: These motors are smooth as silk and the setup feels super light and agile. Have not yes had a chance to do a full punch out, my house is to small and the weather outside is really bad. Might need to try fresh lipos and see if i can extend my flight times, wont get more than 2 min i think :sweat_smile:

Edit no2: Actually i can get about 3 min if i dont punch the throttle to much, amazing motors! I hope they will last at least a few hours :fire::muscle:


after tidying up all of my micro quad stuff i noticed that i had some spares lying around so i figured out i could build this little guy for some acro line of sight training which is a skill that i want to master.

it uses a nameless 100mm frame
qx95 flight controller with latest betaflight
hubsan props
racerstar 53500rpm motors

so far it has crashed many times without significant damage apart from lost battery holding rubberbands.


outstanding. a LOS frankenquad! :slight_smile: Looks clean as hell!!!


thanks, i appreciate!


Silly fun!


That’s so neat man! Forgive my asking but is it a sled or a hover craft? Looks AWESOME!!! I am just trying to imagine in my head how it works, that’s really cool!


It’s a hovercraft, plastic bag skirt underneath. The front props provide lift and the rears do thrust and differential steering. It drifts really well.
They are known as whoovs and are the latest craze to hit whoop land.


Im waiting for a premade frame to be released, would be awesome to try this thing.
Have you tried using it on water? :slightly_smiling_face:


I just did a maiden flight with a brushless whoop i put togheter last night. Flies pretty good even though it has a bad motor that sounds awefull. 29g without lipo.
BeeBee 66 frame
Teeny_1S F4 OSD
Racerstar 4A ESC
Racerstar 0703 15000kv
1.2g 1000tvl camera
Turbowing 25mw vtx
XM rx

Had to slaughter my Lollipop frame build i posted earlier in the thread to get parts for this build. Used to have six motors, one bent shaft another one snapped on impact with my lawn. Decided that these small motors might need some propp protection to survive.
I also ordered 0705 Sunnysky motors with bearings to get less vibrations and longer lasting motors :slightly_smiling_face: