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Size: 21x19x17mm (excluding antenna)
Weight: 4.8g (encased)/ 3.8g (uncased)

Yes i believe so sir


It’s a great camera although on the heavy side compared to the smaller ones. It’s around 5 grams with the plastic mount. The video quality and built in osd makes up for it though. This build is around 25 grams without battery.

Edit lol @mike-heli did we just post right at the same time :joy:


@JBFPV Still pretty good for a 7mm OSD Whoop :slightly_smiling_face: Since im not yet familiar with the silverized boards i run a BetaFPV fc and frame. Works well but i really want to try E011 FC when i get my iRange module :grin:

Here is my latest build:
Lollipop frame 75mm
31g without lipo
0703 Racerstar 15000kv (bad quality…)
Teeny1s f4 fc
Racerstar 4A 4in1
Tx02 (waiting for 25mw cam on the slow boat)
XM reciever

Will try to rebuild this with another cam and maybe cut away some CF to lower the weight.


Me too! But my Tx just shipped today :astonished: I ordered it Nov 22 and it never shipped! I emailed eBay seller last night like what’s up with my order? And I finally get shipping confirmation this morning :triumph::cry:. Sadly my newest micro builds will be collecting dust in the meantime. Here is my biggest and hopefully the fastest brushed quad:

It’s all thanks to @NotFastEnuf I just assembled it!

Zip tie roll cage pretty easy with hot glue, feels strong enough

My Jumper T8SG is a couple weeks out so unfortunately no flight footage yet. Oh yeah, it’s got:
The Boss 8 frame (printed in nylonx by @NotFastEnuf )
Syma x5sw motors
Kingkong 65mm props
Eachine Tx02 (kinda half split)
E011 FC with (@NotFastEnuf silverware tune flashed)


I’ve been whoop-less for a while now since I’ve been robbing all my fc, motor, and camera resources to test build boss frames … but now that I’ve picked my favorite (the Boss 8 - 816 motors) - it’s time I got a whoop back together! In honor of retiring my hand sculpted canopy molds in place of the new digital 3d printed molds - one last old school NFE Shanghai Mullet build in all of it’s sweet hydrodipped carbon fiber goodness!!!

You all know what I’m running under the hood!! Lol


Wow thats one canopy id really love to have! :heart_eyes:


Video on my channel teaching my canopy dipping process - vacuum forming mold stl files are released now in my canopy thread… nothing standing in your way! I’d love to see you make one!!! If i can do it - so can you :wink:

Thank you for the kind words my friend!


Like a Boss!



Will seriously be smiling about that for DAYS!!!

also @Animalistik - no idea when I will sit down to dip again - will probably be a long time given my insanely lengthy hobby “to do list” - but when I do I will make you one :wink:

edit… minutes later - still smiling :smile:
@TinuZ - you’re my hero dude. You jumped in, participated in the boss project, took the plunge on vacuum forming your first canopy, and took it to the next level with your own original touch. THIS is exactly why I wanted to create some cool stuff to give to the community. Way to go man!!! …and how do i get that sticker??? hehehehe


@NotFastEnuf That would be like the nicest thing anyone ever done for me :smiley: :blush: I do live in Sweden, but im sure the delivery cost will be worth it, throw in a nylon x boss 7+8 brushed frame, and ill pay whatever you ask for it. :pray:


Glad you liked it man! I know I do.

This hobby is going forward through all this technology to collaborate and make. I still remember reading (paper!) RC magazines I bought (saving two weekly allowances) as an early teen and reading about mold making and vacuum forming cowling for planes etc.

Now with 3D printers and online communities you can design something on the other side of the ocean, and we can make it here. All for peanuts and gratitude. Thank you for that and it does create this warm feeling of being part of a community even though people will never see eachother IRL.

Due to space constraints for hobby space I am still relying on friends which own one to do my 3d printing but even that works out fine so far.

My 2" and 3 " brushless could use canopies as well for both looks and protection against moisture. Also imagine the artwork possible like the car guys do on their lexan bodies!

I want to see if I can pull a lightweight canopy from the TPU pod on my 5 Inch 5S racer.

Cannot wait to see what’s next with the Brushless Boss (have some 0703 15000kv lying around).


I still have a box of every paper rc magazine I collected as a kid. Lol. Brushless boss coming soon and I can’t wait to see all your canopy innovations!! Don’t forget to send me a jpeg of that boss logo!!! Without a doubt that is the new official logo for the project (with your permission of course)!!! JUST FANTASTIC! I am still smiling about that - probably will for the rest of my life! I want to print up a sheet of stickers and slap them everywhere - I haven’t gone sticker bombing since my punk rock days LMFAO! Just thrilled that you chose to participate in the project and happy I could share it!


Boss 7xl - 720 motors, e011 fc, 27 grams. First mohawk mullet canopy install. This build will rip hard for 3 minutes on a stock e011 battery.


That thing looks like a baller quad!


I’ve been flying this tiny thing indoors (and sometimes outdoors) for a while now. Lot’s of fun.

  • 16x16 2S F4+OSD+6AESC stack, bought when you could get it for 12 USD on BG
  • (ab)used old DYS 1102 10kKV
  • VTX from a Skyzone 25mW AIO
  • 1.2g camera
  • FrSky XM RX
  • frame from the Eachine revenger55 kit, had to file the 15x15 pattern to 16x16.
  • rubber bands

Files nicely with 300mAh 2S nano-techs, roughly 2-4 min flights.


Finally repaired my quadcopter with a new RunCam Micro Swift 2, VTX03, GF3035 TriBlades, custom 3D printed motor guards, camera holder, camera guards, and lipo holder.

Even though the new camera + props + VTX + motor guards added like 10 grams, I managed to shave off a bunch of weight by switching to nylon screws/nuts and optimizing my 3D printed parts for strength, yet low weight.


Are those 11xx or 13xx motors? I have a plan for that frame with 13xx motors and 3” props. Should be pretty snappy and punchy


They’re Emax 1106 4500KV motors on Tattu 3s 450mah lipos. I should’ve gone with 6000KV, but they are punchy enough and have torque to spare. With GF3025 2 bladed props, it didn’t feel locked in at the lower throttle values, but with 3 bladed props, it feels much more locked in.

Here’s a video of this quadcopter on the GF3025 2 bladed props and about 5 more grams weight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjeSNUtlYkA&index=3&list=PL6Xu6iEJwTdhY3TbOCNoRLkYVbbvUOjIc

I’m probably going to upload a video of this specific quadcopter later today.


Here is what I’d like to call the “NFE base model” E011 whoop

Standard motors
boldclash F-01 aio cam
20* camera mount
Shanghai mullet canopy
Eachine props
NFE dual mode flash

The mount is not necessary when properly mounted in any of @NotFastEnuf’s canopies

i trimed excess wires including feed line to dipole antenna with heat shrink insulation removed(all this cancels out the weight of the hard mount.

add a 5 gram 45c batery to the mix and you can do this: Show us your vids! -- The YouTube c.mmw.c Channel


Finished this rebuild the night before my holiday and have taken it with me to Waihi beach (NZ). My lightest ever at 36g and it really performs well. 4 minutes with plenty of throttle.!

Eyas x2 frame cut down
Racer star 1103 8000kV
Full speed super_s f3 stack with 6a esc 2s only
Nanotech 2s 300mah