Show us your builds!


My new FlexRC Komori. Using the guts of the furibee X140 but have some lighter HGLRC 1105 motors on the way to replace the 1306s


My latest “micro” (it’s all relative, right)

Motors- 5008 330Kv multistar
Esc- 30A
Props- very small, tarot 1555 foldable
Battery- 5000mAh 6S, but can go higher voltage
Frame- roughly 1m motor to motor
This was from another quad that I made a year and a half ago, but trashed because of frame vibe issues. 3d printed center connection.


Ha, that’s awesome! I want to see video.


Not exactly micro here either, but I got a sq11 and printed a mount for it!


All these amazing builds, i always scroll through and am amazed! Just for fun, I’d like to see more weight specs with build pics!


Keni 97, piko blx FC, lemon RX, 1104 7500kv motors, xt30 plug 4in1 10a cicada ESCs, vtx03 and micro camera. 64g without battery, 95g with 2s 450mah, and 106g with 450mah 3s lipo! I used silicon conformal coating to try to weatherproof this quad, but i believe I may have put too much on the gyro for it is acting up. Will try to do a full rebuild, by replacing the FC with a OSD omnibus nano v2, and stuffing that vtx03 inside the quad instead of using it on top. I will say though, Ive crashed many many times with this little guy on purpose and the vtx03 protected by heatshrink and a cable tie is holding up fantastic… For anyone that is tight space with their build, don’t be afraid of a top mount vtx if its secured nicely! These micro quads are so light that i dont stress about it. Just make sure all of your wires are out of the way. Also, using the foam that comes in the boxes with the VTX03 for a battery pad is a great way to protect batteries and keep them seated nice and snug. Just cut a strip, and use VERY hot hot glue to glue it to the bottom of the frame. (I usually have two strips, but in this picture one is missing due to it being ripped off from a hastey battery transfer.)


This is my 4" quad: it is the Air Ro 4" by Kinetic Aerial!!! Raceflight revolt v2 FC, lemon RX, xt30 plug, luminier 20A 4in1 ESC, 1407 3200kv motors, Foxeer HS1177 flight camera with Gopro Hero 2 lens, FX799t VTX, and TBS triumph antenna! It weighs 170.4g without battery, 239.7g with 650mah 4s lipo (yay 4" under 250g! :slight_smile: ) Needs a micro swift and an ATX03 and it will be 100% perfect, and ultra lightweight. Without a doubt 100% my favorite FPV frame ive ever flown. Its perfect for racing, and creates a nice lightweight and durable build. I’ve crashed quite a few times pretty hard and have not even bent an arm… (I do sand and superglue the edges to all of my frames to avoid delamination of the carbon. And I always crash in the grass…)

If you like this frame here is a link to the vendor! They are an awesome group of people making awesome products for quads! (Not an affiliate link)


Minimalist 128 3mm with 3" props, inspired by @chrisdo ! :slight_smile: this was my first build, and I basically copied his footsteps and build, and it’s truly been my favorite build to date!!! Running a Piko blx FC with FC adapter, xt30 littlebee 4in1 ESC, spektrum sat RX, and 1306 3300kv motors. 111.6g without battery, and 181g with 650mah 4s, and 214.5g with 850mah 4s lipo! (Battery strap and battery foam pads are missing in this picture, oh well lol) Sadly the 4in1 ESC gave out on me I think, so I will have to replace that to get it airborn but this quad is basically my jam!


E011 lowrider

Further evolution of the 7mm E011 setup. I’ve never been a fan of lowrider setups because I like to see my ducts, but it has some advantages. I’ve saved 2 grams of weight by using a smaller camera and ditching the BetaFPV canopy. With the camera in the front you can get lower to the ground and closer to objects. And it’s obviously lower profile so it fits through smaller gaps. It is possible to mount the VTX underneath the FC but I had some trouble fitting it and was worried about heat, and wanted to protect the electronics anyway so I decided to just put it on top and make this neat low profile canopy.

E011 FC (Silverware firmware with @NotFastEnuf settings)
E011 Frame
0716 MMW motors
4 blade Eachine props
CM275T (split)
Mylipo 175/205 batteries

Camera mount + canopy:


I saw this fantastic @JBFPV lowrider on thingiverse the other day while poking around. Looks freaking sweet! Like something out of Tron… or maybe Batman’s whoop or something!!!

Years ago you asked me if I had a .stl for the shanghai mullet canopy - at the time it was only a sculpture done by hand. Today I made my first attempt to model it and it came out pretty close. I guess its sort of a build. It’s probably gonna take a few more attempts/revisions … but I wanted to start working on something that can go with the boss frames or be used on a whoop for all the makers out there printing my frame series.


oh wow! That’s great news! I’ve never managed to make one similar to your shanghai mullet! Been using BetaFPV canopies for a while as a substitute. Can’t wait to try that STL when it’s done! :open_mouth:


@quadlifepro, what props are those? I’ve been itching for a 14xx build, and am looking for some nice high pitch 3" props. Also, how are the rcx 1407 motors? I’m thinking about using those, or the 1306 ones for a smaller build…


@MidnightQuads the purple triblades are the racekraft 3076-3, and the clear quad blades are the racekraft quad blades. They both run very nicely on 1407 3200kv motors. One of my motors came from the factory with this weird grinding sound, but all 4 of my RCX motors have well over 100 flights and they are still running strong. Highly recommended


Midnight:::Ha micro thats click bait lol , love to see maiden uncut video. What will your build intentions be for this micro…


Racing and acro. Hopefully some of my friends will take the hint and build some like my “micro” :sweat_smile: Definitely not overkill, am I right? Video coming soon, as soo an I reflash the ESCs


Really it looks awfull large for racing, but what do i know. I guess you can just about race anything. Well maybe they will get the HINT.


You will need some custom gates for that micro, lol :joy:


Aqueduct gates lol


Continuing the 0716 era with a new e011 build, testing some new parts this time:

Boldclash 0716 19000kv
FX805 osd
E011 FC with silverware firmware (@NotFastEnuf’s settings of coarse)
E011 frame
Santa props

Also did a few tricks with this build, soldered the radio crystal and the antenna to the bottom of the FC. And put a connector for the ST link on the back.

This FX805 osd is really awesome! Video quality is great and it has OSD built in! You can configure the OSD through the single button. It supports callsign, channel, timer and voltage. I’m keeping it clean and only use voltage but I really like it! :smiley:


The FX805 OSD looks perfect for whoop builds!
Would you mind sharing the weight without battery? :slightly_smiling_face: