Show us your builds!


Hm830. That’s the way to go. Gw008 are weak


Another bored cold day build well two.


CAn you please give us the specs of that brushless micro? In love!!! :heart_eyes:


Second that, what frame are you using?


The brushless
Pepperfish 2s esc
Tinyfish FC
Pepperfish 96 frame
10000 motors
Vtx03/camera combo /

with a 5v pololu reg. on the back… Haven’t weighed it yet


All weighed up it come in at 49 grams with battery.


3d Printed in polycarbonate abs. Uploading…


Can anyone recommend a brushed flight controller with buzzer and possibly Frsky built in? Its for a crook frame



Boss 7xl e011 FC, (NFE) tuned and printed with nylon x. EF02 cam, my design on canopy, looking foward to taking it outside.


@Calum I have three of those. One of them is a BG replacement because they all act funny. When adding a battery some motors rev up briefly. So be aware of this and keep those fingers safe.
Other than that its a great AiO.


I had the exact same problems so I binned it!


That’s a sign of failing MOSFETs, just fyi.
You can replace them and it’ll go away.

I have that board too, and other than blowing some MOSFETs up I’ve been pretty happy with it.


That very useful info, all my eachine aio brushed boards have the same problem. Any suggestions on better MOSFETs i can order to replace the old ones?


Yes I’d like to know also for future reference. :face_with_monocle:


These should do it. I’ve replaced many and I had 1 Realacc Omnibus FC shipped with 3 leaking mosfets causing 3 of the props to spin for 1 second when plugging in the battery. Ouch…


Thanks. Bookmarked for when mine wear out.


Want to share My Atom V3

Rotorx Atom V3 frame with a 20x20mm piko blx +innova osd vtx (clone) and 15a 4 in1 esc
the RCX 1407 4100kv motors, micro runcam and Frysky xm+
Props TBD…


Let’s shake things up a bit…


Airblade eclair