Show us your builds!


Respectable performance for stm32 F0! Lol. And what is the market telling us we need now… f4 … f7? Shut the front door! :wink:


Yup! It looks like it flies perfectly :grin: I guess I’ll use a boss series frame and E010 silverware! Should fly super nice :laughing:


Thanks for the camera mount JBee!


Is that that kt100 frame? After shot looks very clean. I printed of 2 but still waiting for a new frame :sunglasses:


Yep! Actually they’re 2 different builds :joy:


I actually lol’d at my desk at this :rofl:


:joy: I wanted to print another mount for the 1106 build, but the buzzer is in the way :frowning:


Trying out an interesting frame :grimacing: The frame is made out of EPP foam and it should be near indestructible. It flies pretty good, it does make a weird sound and if you go really fast and do a hard 180 it tends to dip (but I haven’t changed PIDS from my normal e011). It really bounces back when you hit something which is funny. After a lot of crashes I did have to repair it a little but it’s easily fixed with some hotglue. I can see this being especially useful for children / beginners that don’t want to damage anything. And it should float too so that could open up some options… Tiny whoop boat anyone? :laughing:

0716 babyturtle frame by
0716 MMW motors
E011 FC with silverware
Good old FX798T
BetaFPV canopy
Blue translucent eachine props


I’ve been watching them develop the thing, it looks fascinating!
What have you managed to break on it?


The top part of a duct was getting loose (the top and bottom parts are glued together) causing the prop to strike the inside of the duct and one of the carbon rods is getting loose. Easy fix with some hot glue.


Pretty interesting, i like the safety factor.


My latest build!

Anet A8, Black Friday deal :sweat_smile:, to pair with this guy—
I sacrificed a quad build tho…


My OG Inductrix has seen seen many frames, motors, props, and colors, but it has now found it’s forever home in the triple red e011c. Sporting an e013 camera with separated vtx and the original canopy I never used.

The camera is mounted with some double sided taped, an elastic hair band, and a small V-shaped notch in the bottom of each front duct.


I might get this picture framed🙆


So i was out flying/crashing and broke my camera/vtx 03 combo (broke off lens). So i had a vtx03 and a cam laying around so I rebuilt up my micro h with some adjustments. It used to be bottom mounted for battery.


I finaly got my Eachine Tiny F3 with OSD working and completed my H8 mini build that have been colecting dust for a few months now.
Its alot of fun to fly around my garden and flies really great on stock PIDs with dynamic filter. It weighs 21/27.5g without/with lipo.
Flight times are a bit to short at 3 minutes.

Using the purple Racerstar motors and 250mah HV lipos.
The tiny 1.2g camera from BG, Turbowing VTX and FRsky XM RX.


I like the roll cage and hot glue canopy.
I love all things diy /hacked


Try a 180mah. 250 might be too heavy and costing you flight time. A build and weight like yours should be able to fly for at least 3 minutes. Also you might want to try the 46mm props. Before you change anything, fly with OSD disabled and see if your flight times increase…


Hard call on 46mm props vs h8mini. The h8mini props are pretty low drag - I hear a much higher rpm out of them than the 46mm. That said … I usually fly the 46mm too.


Yes i would love to try 180-200 mah lipo, i have too many 250 HV nitro nectar to justify buying smaller ones. And the smaller 150mah ones i have are to worn out/weak for the motor prop combo.
Since i get about 3 minutes i think its still okey with that crazy performance. Will try to disable OSD and see how much difference it makes, maybe i will install a buzzer instead for low voltage warning.

I will have to try other props though, i do have the HM830 and GW008 at hand. And its hard to fit bigger props with the roll cage in place.
Which ones are the 46mm?