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To my knowledge, if the ratio is the same, there won’t be a difference in torque. If the input gear has a lower number of teeth than the output gear, then it’s increasing torque. If the input gear is a higher number of teeth, it is increasing in rpm, with less torque.

Torque equals Force multiplied by Distance
If you have the same distance, ie 2:1, and the same force, say, 5g = 10g of torque.
In short, you can’t make a 1:1 ratio and have it increase in torque, you only get that if the input gear is smaller than the output gear.


Yep, I went there. What you cant see in this picture is the hillariously loud tune that is played whenever the battery is plugged in. It’s like those toys that you give to friends’ kids when you want to give them a good tune up.

More details here including weights but it’s fairly self explanatory:


It plays a tune? Jingle bells? That is awesome! Kudos for leaving Santa on there. It would be so awesome to be able to trigger the tune from the remote though :joy:

On a more serious note, hey look it’s a red E011 frame! And white 4 blade props?? :scream:
That’s the first aftermarket white 4 blade props besides the overpriced original inductrix props AFAIK !


A new little crew just join my collection.

I really surprise how stable it is, very easy in tuning, it just fly so well. The cheapest stack I ever bought from banggood Super_S F4 $28. The stack is soft mounted by 3 layer double side tape under ESC and a bit of soft foam between ESC and FC
Need to add some caps for get clear video

_ 88 mm - Micro Drone_

  • Frame X2 ELF 88mm
  • Super_S F4 2S 16x16mm
  • VTX03 0/25mW/50mw/200mW Switchable FPV
  • Camera 1.2g Super Light 1000TVL 1/4 CMOS 2.8mm
  • Motor 1103 10000kv racerstar
  • Prop 3 Blades Gemfan 2040
  • Super loud beeper 90dB
  • Step down included filter for serving vtx03 and camera since the Super_s stack only support 0.5 A bec
  • Battery 2s 450 mAh

Flight video


Love this size and your build!


There are white Eachine 4blades on BG. Ordered them a while ago.


Nice build Bluesky! I gotta check out that stack, looks like a great deal.

Thanks @chrisdo! Haven’t seen that in color options before. Sweet!


Yeah it is really loud. I had to desolder the speaker when I was setting it up. Interesting that the sound file and speaker amp is on the flight controller. Maybe @NotFastEnuf can hack it to add to a aux switch haha. Santa is a fat @ss at 4g so he hurts performance but the kids will love it.

Yes, haven’t seen the white props as a spare yet but it will only be a matter of time.


That’s a stellar idea man! I’ll have to order one just to do that. Built in buzzer!!! Wonder of I can hack the sound file too to play anything I want!


@JBFPV yes that stack work amazing for me, even feel better than F25 hglrc, It’s very lightweight compare to other stacks. The trick is softmount ESC to the frame, put a bit of soft foam between ESC and FC, It just took me about 10 mins in tuning, but you need to add some SMD caps right to the ESC power pad to get the clear video. The 4 in 1 ESC not suppress the noise very well


Rebuilt the top bit of the MMC 1407 build with a @NotFastEnuf heavy duty mohawk!


This is brutal, assault on your ears if you hit play.

Also some progress: Furibee F3 fitted but I couldn’t bring the tunes over. Check the the USB behind santa.


Oh man that’s horrible, lol.
I love the santa holding the camera though!


Well as much of the eachine lineup of products is… only horrible until we use their hardware with open source software. I can’t wait to see that music tune hacked for a tiny whoop song. Lol


It is a low bitrate recording rather than a MIDI so there may be hope. Get the band back together and record a tune


oh my god this is good :joy:


Slapped a Boss 8.5 together last night. I’m down to my last camera which is a kingkong q25 coming in at 6 grams… so this build is 2 grams over budget for a total of 36 grams. Not a deal breaker to enjoy some flight time but I hope to be able to trim it down soon.


Finally took the time to figure out how to flash silverware on the E011, it went pretty smooth apart from some minor noob questions. Luckily @NotFastEnuf was quick to answer them, got me in the air. Thanks buddy!
It flies AMAZING, I’m really impressed by the tune! Here are some clips using his settings.


Ninja, for sure!!

sigh If I only had hair to get mine tangled up in… :rofl:


I’ve been planning on flashing silverware on a E011, now I’ll have to do it! Plus I have a Multimodule for my taranis now! Nice flying BTW! It looks like it flies super locked in!