Show us your builds!


Geez… that’s one of the cleanest looking whoops I’ve ever seen!


Not as amazing as some of the builds here but thought I’d show it anyway. It’s a custom frame made from 3x3mm square tube and a CF plate from a defunct frame, 10000kv 0705s on ice lolly stick mounts with a Silverised BWhoop board weighing in at 23g. I’m a huge fan of Silverware, I work on small budgets and it’s great because it allows me to keep it all so cheap.Uploading…


@yets Nice build! How is the reliability on those 0705s?


@yets: Love the combination of square tubes and lolly sticks for motor mounts! In my book, Franken-Quads are a most challenging art form. They require thinking outside the box, in addition to the usual attention to detail. Good work! :smile:


@imozeb Truthfully, they’re fragile and noisy due to no bearings. I’m not a fan of them, 1103s are better for micro builds

@Brainstorm Thanks! I need to think out the box even more, these mounts are rubbish!


Tackling the tiny stuff in this one. It’s a tinyF1SH stack for 1s. All hand built by me including flashing firmware for the rx chip and the individual bb2 chips on the 4in1. A seriously challenging build but very good for personal development :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks to Simon at for a great design and some fantastic contributions to the hobby.

It’s in a RotoriousFpv Speck base plate with DYS1102 10000kV motors and gf2035 props.
I get good performance and about 3.30 mins of fpv flight.

And of course wearing my favourite test cam/canopy :sunglasses:


nasty!!! :smiley:


my latest buld (that VTX03 on top lol) not that clean but that’s the best I can do for now :smiley:


New 3d printed frame design in abs blending the old school larger nano qx big props (actually hm830 props pictured here) and the whoop ducted format for 6mm motors. This big whoop weighs in at 20g and is sitting next to my e011 for size comparison Just got to fpv maiden tonight and blows away traditional whoop performance. Really excited about this… dvr coming soon!


Treed this one this morning … will post video in the build thread.


I’m still not giving up on the FatBee 90 :slight_smile: I threw it in the QwinOut Smart 100mm frame. Its flying pretty good.


Not quite a build yet but I’m excited about how this looks for 8.5mm!

This is a frame I designed and printed for @chime13 - it turned out a little heavier than I like after adding a flight controller tray for the eachine tiny f3. The version of this frame for a whoop fc comes in closer to 4 grams with canopy.


It actually looks quite amazing I am so psyched


There will be 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, and 8.5mm versions of this frame design that I will share with you guys. I’m naming it the “Boss” series. Builds like a boss, looks like a boss, flies like a boss! Hahaha … and crashes like a boss (I’ve been beating the snot out of the prototypes that lead up to this final design). All reasonably lightweight too! This 8.5mm will build out as low as 34 grams.


Found another great use for the DM002 canopy.


2S Brushed hexacopter。Powerful enough to carry the runcam for 3 minutes, but lipos comes down toasty.

Frame is a Mak development Vespa115. Motors are Spintech 8520.


The 65mm shredder.

BetaFPV 65mm Carbon Fiber Frame.
Boldclash Fish01 Tower
BetaFPV D1103B 10,000KV motors
VM275t AIO Camera with BetaFPV Cloverleaf Antenna
Boldclash Bwhoop 05 canopy
BetaFPV 1735 43mm props trimmed to fit.
GaoNeng 450mah 1s Lipo

Build videos coming soon.

Killer Bee

PitchPlus 115mm Frame - motors set at 15 degree angle.
Eachine FB90 Flight Controller
Eachine FB90 2s 8520 Brushed motors
VM275t AIO Camera
400-450mah 2s Lipo
55mm King Kong Q100 Props


My first brushless build! Got to maiden it soon! :smiley:

GF3025 props
Emax 1106 motors
Tattu 3S 450mah lipo
3D printed lipo holder and camera guard/mount
Omnibus V2 F3 FC with current sensing and osd


How r those Beta 1103s? Thought about getting some.

Assumptions and brainstorming

I need help picking the gear heads to make a 1 to 1 ratio gearbox that increases im torque!
I am using
Heres2 i think will work
Planetary gearhead GPX 13 SP STE Ø13 mm, 2-stage

0.0075 gcm²
Gearhead length (L1) 36.6 mm
0.06 Nm
Mass inertia 0.0075 gcm²
Planetary gearhead GPX 32 HP Ø32 mm, 2-stage

13 gcm²
Gearhead length (L1) 46.3 mm

4 Nm
Mass inertia 13 gcm²

I don’t know enough about gears

Heres a file in case the picture doesn’t show

New photo by James Matheson

Please help me pick 2 gear heads with the same ratio and different torque.

Once 2 gear heads with the same ratio and different torques are known then we can have a lot more fun with this project

The gear heads can be custom made
I dont know how to order custom made gear geads
One time i asked maxon too many questions and now they wont respond to me
Please help
I can pay for anyones time if you do