Show us your builds!


My Q carbon 85
Weight : 66g without LiPo

Obmini F3 with osd FC
Racer Stars 6a Esc Dshot600
Kingkong 1103 7800kv
Gemfan 2035
FX798T 5.8G 25mW
Frysky Xm+


I’ve been experimenting with abs 3d printed frames and threw this together cause … well old parts were collecting dust. 36 grams without lipo. I had a good ultralight going but only had a 6 gram q25 aio to throw in it. I probably over designed the frame about a gram too heavy also. Should be able to hit 32 to 33g on the next revision.

It flew line of sight today at 30g plus a 260mah with performance that rivaled a 2s brushless… but I fear 6 grams of fpv is gonna take its toll


@NotFastEnuf: I just love how your vacuum-formed canopy looks on a non-Whoop frame!


Looks like I know what to do with my Dm002 frame :slight_smile:


can’t wait to see!

I found it is a really good and solid frame. So far it took a lot of reaaaaally hard crashes and it’s in one piece


@aaa It’s not finished yet. Motor wires are a tad bit tight. The camera case and tilt canopy fits over the BetaFPV Flight controller with some slight modifications! I was pleasantly surprised. Ill post a video of the build today. Thanks again for the inspiration @aaa


Nice looking build! Actually it looks way better than mine. I still prefer white rather than black, and i wanted the best possible performance, so didn’t use canopy and camera case, just hot glue.

My build stopped working after an epic hard crash, but the frame is still intact, and it remains intact after a lot of crashes, the kind of crashes that can shatter tiny whoop or even thin carbon fiber frames. Besides that, it feels so great to fly it with 55mm or even 60mm props. It’s responsive, fast and accurate.

The only thing with this build is… i never tried to remove the motors from the motor holders… it may be hard to do… and the battery holder doesn’t allow you to use a wide variety of lipos. Oh, and maybe you’ll notice some strange vibrating sound, i think this frame resonates with the motors in some strange ways, but it doesn’t seem to affect performance.

Just love it! and hope you’ll have tons of fun with it :slight_smile:


Mmmm… never tried those h8 props, didn’t know they would fit such a small frame. Nice looking builds. I tried to use the toygrade controller again after upgrading to a proper tx, and no way…


I cant wait to fly it. Im posting up my build video on the videos thread. Thanks again @Aaa


I like the H8 props because they are really cheap and work pretty well. Best of all i have yet not managed to break a single one. They wear out pretty fast due to all the crashing but thats fine.

I never tried flashing silverware so i wanted a project for that, and also im making a H8 model with Eachine f3 +OSD. My reasons for using H8 boards is the built in LEDs, low voltage warning and my friend who doesnt have a TX can race with me in my garden using my extra Googles 2.

Since its friday ill post another little beast using the H8 gear with added FPV.


Silverware is the best flying software that exists for brushed micros IMHO. Flash that bad boy up!!


And it’s not too shabby for Brushless too :wink:


I just ordered a tiny esc to thy that out. Lol


This looks so sick… I want something like this but with replaceable arms! LOVE the look and the X top plate! so jelly lol


This is cool, how do u like its flight?


Thanks :smiley: and it does have replaceable arms :stuck_out_tongue:


Once I get a camera/vtx in there it’ll be about 242g auw with a tattu 1050mAh 4s. Motors are Sumax SR1407, MMC frame. Thing has some punch! Hit the garage ceiling with a fast-as-i-can-throttle snap.


Those 3044t props should be available any day now according to my sources.


Cockroach frame
AlienWhoopF4 V2
Xm rx
MMW 0615-19
2blade props
AKK BS2 FpvCombo
@NotFastEnuf Shanghai canopy


beautiful!!! loving the racing stripe!!!