Show us your builds!


Building a ELF X2 88mm with some parts Awesome 90 when it crashed it


BEAUTIFUL! !!! :smiley: that looks stellar!


I received and completed my Astro X Switch build minus the fpv as I’m waiting on my run-cam micro arrival :grin: Sorry for the large post.

The frame: (Astro X Switch Extended)

PDB, FC and ESC wiring (minus signal wires for ESC’s) I’ve added the headers for my camera and VTX for ease of access later:

Completion of ESC/FC wiring with LED’s pictured more clearly. I cleaned all the contacts with a toothbrush and methylated spirits to remove any flux still on the boards before FC installation:

A shot of the LED’s in action:

Finished installing top plate, motors and receiver:

I’ve done a test hover with DAL cyclones and blue prop nuts and everything seems to be working in order :grinning:
Hope you enjoy and excited to read your feedback. Peace! :kissing_heart:


Just finished this one last night.
RotoriousFpv Rip120v2,
Spintech ST1106 8000kV,
Racerstar 12A 4in1,
Piko Blx,
Swift micro,
RotorX 3044t (prototypes),
Bolt 500mAh HV.
AUW 128g

Loads of power with a great update to a proven frame.


@Chaotix: Beautiful RIP v2 build! With the 8000KV Spintechs, I assume your LiPo is 2S, not 3S, right?


Go ahead and try those RotorX 3044T props without screws. They’ve worked very well without for me.


I ran a few packs through the Spintechs without the screws as I was really interested to see how well they coped. With a less powerful motor I’d be happy but after each flight they had lifted slightly and the tabs were bending a little. I believe they are not rated for 8000kV on any 1105 or 1106. They are excellent props however and I need to source some more :wink:


I’ve been running them on various motors, including my 1306s, and they lift a little as well, though I haven’t seen any bending. Figure they’re pre-release, but a lovely design and bad ass prop profile for t-mount motors.


3044 tmotor tri blades. Just the prop I’ve been looking for. When will they be available. Would they run well on Rotorx 1105 4000kv motors? Thinking it would be something between the same quad with 3025 and my 1406 Atomv3.


Rotorx Atom V2 frame
Atom V3 canopy
Kiss FC firmware v1.3RC25,
Micro minimOSD
12A 4in1 esc Dshot600,
RCX 1105 5000kv,
Frsky x8r,
Gemfan 3035
generic micro cam
Matek vtx

104g without LiPo


My latest Outdoor Tiny Whoop incarnation:

X-Racer X1 frame
Micromotor Warehouse CL-0716-17 Motors
KingKong 31mm Triblade Propellers
BeeBrain v1 (Spektrum)
PH 2.0 Connector
Betaflight 3.17 with tuned PIDs and Rates
FX805 camera and mount with dipole-antenna
Nitro Nectar 250mah HV 1s Lipo

It’s got a very good power band for a Whoop. @Benedikt sells really good motors. Here’s my maiden flight with it at the NYC Unisphere.


Hello all micro motor freaks!
Greetings from Sweden. I’ve been lurking around these forums for a while now and felt like it was about time to make myself known.

Here is my Micro Swift quad, cheap BG frame and its not pure CF.
100mm and fits 2.4 Inch racerstar prop and flies great, dont know how well it will survive a hard crash though.

HGLRC XJB F325 fc and esc, FRsky XM+, Eachine VTX03, Realacc 1106 6k and Nanotech 850mAH 3s.
Runs BF 3.2 for dynamic filter and im currently trying to get a good PID tune.

There is also a big pile of other quads in the making and some almost done or missing parts… :smile:
So there will be more stuff coming up!:blush:


E011 Tiny Ghost!

E011 with Tiny 6 canopy, propellers and camera, VTX is from a Eachine TX01S.

Looks awesome and flies good too!


Tiny FPV monster!

Inspired by other users from this forum, i decided to make my own CF frame stiffener quad.
Its basicly 2x E010 1mm frame stiffener, motor mounts from E010, Racerstar purple motors, E010s camera with dipole antenna mod and H8 mini (blue board).
Weight without battery 18g.

Its a crazy little machine and it flies quite good with 250mah batteries, though i will try to flash Silverxxx firmware for acro and hopefully smoother flying.
Maybe change connector for HV lipos if the future. If the FC can handle it?


Chaotix and terbang,
Where are you getting the 3" tri blade t-motor props?


Took my time with this build. This one might be a coffee table conversation piece for a bit first :slight_smile:

I got two canopies, so I can swap back to the clear.

Spintech racer-1 frame
Spintech 1106 8000kv motors
Iflight 18A flight stack
Rotorx 2535.
Tamiya TS-8 (Italian Red) spray paint.


The red canopy looks really good! Awesome build


@Bluedog those are RotorX prototypes, I got a few sets to try. The production ones should be available really soon and come in a few colours as well as clear.


@Animalistik Thanks for coming out, it is always inspiring to see others builds and I like what I see! Love the all white E011 and the tiny monster! Thumbs up :+1::+1:


Thanks @JBFPV! I’ve been inspired so many times and learned alot from this forum. It feels great to finaly have some quads to show you guys and take part in this place.

And here is my first ever brushless, Awesome E90 with eachine 1104 7500kv and HGLRC F410 stack.
The frame is broken and now the ESC went rasta on me.
But it was a nice looking machine and will always be my first :smile:

Can’t really recommend the frame or the FC+ESC since they didn’t survive that much. Frame broke on impact with my lawn…