Show us your builds!


Wow that’s amazing! Bravo! :hushed: :smile:


Put together my first brushed quad. 8.5mm 2s motors, sp racing v2 generic board.

I had a bunch of 2s 300mah lipo that would only last 2 mins on my 1103 kit and I decided to find a use for them. Now getting over 6mins flights. :+1:

The frame is a Nano Vespa100 from Mak Developemt, which is based in Japan. Top plate is some type of rubber/silicon and the green has a nice gloss. They also have a hex and brushless version as well, but I am really digging this version.


very cool! loving the sleek look as well as the functionality! I remember always seeing those videos of motoep and being like “dayumn :0 i want that” lol


Got some stick time whilst the baby and my wife were napping.
My first two brushless builds, 2S, 1104 LOS on the left and 1103 on the right(custom top plate as I’ve smashed the original already​:face_with_head_bandage::grin:


That is amazing getting all them motors to work as 4, great dives, all that fun on 1s?!

@FuriousPug that thing is killer, it looks awesome, is it twice as fast as a 1s brushed on same frame?

@Kamsleo69 those are sweet, that 1104 rig must get out of sight with the quickness! My 1104 set up is hauling around a HD DVR pretty well so far…

First build: King Kong fly egg 130mm frame kit without aluminum stuff. I had to drill 4 holes at 20x20mm for all the stuff off one of my Blade Torrents…

Added about 10mm to each motor wire

Then the build really started when I got out the m2 nylon standoffs and put the Runcam split on top

Then I raised up the DVR pcb to move the vtx to a more protected area

So that’s it, I hope it keeps capturing that 1080p 60fps😁 I’m dreading the first big crash😨 but at least I got a whole Nylon PCB Standoff Assortment box to reconstruct😎


How’s the punch on that thing? Looks awesome!


Really nice! I’d say very comparable to a stock Torrent on 3s. The 2.8" props compensate pretty well for the extra weight, also I use Gaoneng GNB 11.1V 350mAh 80/160C 3S Lipo Batteries that come in at 38g, I might try some in 2s, because I have a turnigy 450mAH 65c (40g originally) that had a puffy cell so I made it a 2s and tryed it. It was surprisingly more punchy than with 2” on 2s. Alot closer to 3s Torrent power, 3s is still better for thrust but I held it down and gave it full throttle and the audible rpm of the motors dropped pretty dramatically after 1.5-2 seconds… If you ripped balls for a full pack and landed in your hand you might get blisters :triumph:


My 2 builds of the weekend, rebuilds actually.

Bobo95 to the left. Tinywhoop to the right.

Decided to rebuild the Bobo95 I built in spring, I missed it. There is something about this frame. I like the easy way to mount the AIO. The way the JST connector and the RX antenna both ziptie to the back standoff. Easy to take apart and it looks clean. And there is something about the way it feels in the air, maybe it’s because deadcat I don’t know, but it just feels good. It feels small and angry, even though it’s not smaller than my previous 1103 setup.


Agreed, @JBFPV
Love me some dead cat, and with yours specifically your props
Just curious, what’s the foam off the left rear arm?


Is that “dead cat” style frame more for racing? @JBFPV When you do flips and rolls does does it feel different that the square x style frame?

For anyone who cares about repairing prop gards, the right size HEAT-SHRINK works pretty good… Just used some for the first time!


LMAO, looking at that I was like ‘what the heck is that’ for a moment as well. But it’s the (heavily used) buzzer!
I agree the picture looks kind of deceptive… :joy:
This should clear things up:

@Quad_Jake I’m not sure what it’s for, but it does roll faster because the props are further apart. It also feels like it’s faster but I think that is because of the camera in the front instead of the top allows me to fly lower and get more speed perception.


D[quote=“JBFPV, post:1438, topic:2260”]
But it’s the (heavily used) buzzer!

100% will not fly fpv without that little gem!
Fav spot in my “park” is around trees and lots of undergrowth on the perimeter. Even in the wide open, these little nuggets cover some ground quick.
Lost two quads early on


This is my latest 2" build:

  1. Frame Custom 90mm : The Iflight 90 kit arrived without the top plate so I modified it to fit the top plate from other brushed kit
  2. Motor 1103 10000kv racerstar
  3. Flytower Micro F4 20x20mm XJB F4 Dshot -> ESC DOA then replaced by Racerstar 4 in 1 16x16
  4. VTX03 0/25mW/50mw/200mW
  5. Camera 1.2g Super Light 1000TVL 1/4 CMOS 2.8mm
  6. Prop 4 Blades Gemfan 2035
  7. Battery 2s 450 mAh, split from Tattu 4s 450 mAh
  8. M3 nylon standoff trim it down to M2 size

FC soft mounted by 3 layers foam double side tap : found at local store

Build details:


Once again, it’s all about that tape! :joy:




Here’s my freshly rebuild quad after the last frame broke.


New gremlin frame I’ve called it the undercutter I’m sure you can see why! Just had to reverse the motors and flip the props not much to it.


Here’s a new one, hot off the bench, rated for 3S. I’m going to call this my “RacerX” build, as the plan is to paint and find matching props for this – 76g without battery:



  • Spintech Racer-1
  • RotorX 1105 4100KV
  • RotorX 3044T props in back, Racerstar 2435PRO props in front
  • Eachine MInicube F3 FC and 4in1 ESC
  • Swift Micro
  • VTX03
  • XM+
  • WS2812 LED strip
  • Pololu

We’ll see how this does in the morning.



Nice! Mine was shipped last week.


2 new builds with 7mm motors:

This is a DM002 frame with an Eachine F3 EVO fc board and MMW 0720 14000kv motors with a set of ladybird props. The power is of this machine is incredible

This is a custom straw frame with heat shrink motor mounts, it weights 3gr or less but it is quite strong. We’ll see how it handles crashes. Anyway, it is a very cheap frame :wink:
Scisky fc board (which i struggle with during 3 months to make it work), Syma X5C 7mm motors and kingkong 65mm props. This is the second version, because the first one had a beecore board that only lasted 2 batteries before frying some fets. The first version was even faster than the first build in this post. The first version has already epic power, and this second version i dind’t test it outside yet, but judging how it punches indoors, it may be the most powerful brushed quadcopter i’ve ever seen.


Rebuilt my LoS using old parts laying around and arc 200 frame.
New astro X stretched on the way for the FPV rig :slight_smile: