Show us your builds!


It’s more an inconvinience I guess. Thanks for the tip on the VTX - I only ever use one channel so lightweight FTW


Added the newest faceplate to my fatshark teleporters. I was getting annoyed with them fogging. Used double sided sticky tape and then some silicone. Works perfectly!


Looks slick! There is something about black and white that makes it look good.


Thanks! Of course it’s not as good as other fatsharks (low FOV and resolution), but it works fine for me!


I forgot to post this little quad… It’s basically just a whoop but without ducts (and smaller). Much faster, and no prop wash! (also added the “idle up” feature to it via deviation). Been flying it this entire summer and it’s lots of fun!


Tinykwad :slight_smile: I’ll be trying some of those soon hopefully


Super durable! I ordered one frame and the owner sent me 3! I still have 2 collecting dust. Maybe for future projects I guess :wink:


Nothing special, but I thought I’d share.

Shaved off 3 grams by switching to 2 bladed props, Cockroach frame, and a lighter 25mW camera.


Good job! I do think the loom band is going to melt. Those tiny cams get very hot! No problem though just sayin’ :sweat_smile:


Nice frame! You can try this props on it

More powah!


The Classic Insane Parrot… mmw 18,000kv mmw darkies, Furious FPV Nuke(with upgraded FETs), vtx03:25-200mw, 1000tvl micro cam, Frsky XM micro, 66mm parrot props, custom 1g battery tray (which I saved from some stupid toy drone, for reasons I didn’t know at the time… Fits the mylipo 480mah and lumineer 500mah HV packs like a glove!..) 57g, with 480mah 40c mylipo. 60g on the dot, with 500mah 80c lumineer HV. Kinda heavy, but flies amazing, and has a nice stream line… I’ve always loved the Insane Parrot! This is just the latest. Thanks to Benedikt for getting me two of the last frames around!




Should result in less power actually… maybe a bit longer flight time


No, believe me, it has more thrust. Flight characteristis could change a little, maybe pids will need some adjustment, but this props are 37mm, and tiny whoop’s are 31. More powah, i tested it myself (and since then i barely use tiny whoop props)


Love the gw008 props too on my ductless whoop too :smiley:




VIDZ PLZ! That looks incredible! :smiley:


Didn’t bother to look at the size of the prop! Sorry :confounded: :blush:


Ok!! Here’s a video! :smile: