Show us your builds!


Final version of my gremlin frame much cleaner and tidy and 5g lighter if anyone wants STL files I can send them to you I may even put them on thingiverse


Love it!

Is it a white frame or ?

Love it!


QAV210 (Hobbymate clone, anyway) build is finally “complete” I think! At least for now.

QAV210 frame.
Hobbymate 2204 motors rewound by @NotFastEnuf, close to double the thrust at double the amps.
Hobbymate 15a BL_Heli ESCs (ONESHOT125 yo)
Banggood no-name 20x20 Omnibus F4 $15 FC (2s or it fries… 3S is OK for a while, 4S, while it’s rated for it, is a very fast death for the gyro) running BF3.2 8KHz/2KHz (Oneshot125…)
Dal Cyclone 5045 props
VM275T AIO camera

Tattu 1050mAh 4S battery in the video.


Many, many thanks to @NotFastEnuf for rewinding the motors, he took ancient tech slow motors and made mini-monsters out of them!


So much right with this build, much more personality than the UAVFutures $99 special. Bravo!


Thanks! So much personality!

The kit my dad already had, I added the RX ($17), FC ($15), props ($3), camera ($20), and paid for shipping for the motors.
The battery is the most expensive single part!

I like it partly because it’s a kick to fly, and partly because it’s truly one of a kind and mine. Even if you wanted to you couldn’t replicate it, not without @NotFastEnuf’s help anyway!

Oh yeah, the VTX antenna has a story behind it too… The VM275T’s short dipole died whooping, so I put a longer feed dipole on it for this build.
A prop ate it in a crash though, so I took a busted up cloverleaf @NotFastEnuf sent me (chat parts exchange group FTW!) and soldered it to the thin coax feed line from that antenna. Thankfully cloverleaf and sleeve dipole antennas are pretty close in impedance, so it’s not an efficiency disaster.


It was my pleasure to help @Bobnova! You have certainly helped alot of us! And it was a fun experiment too. You were a brave soul to send motors to a guy that had never wound a set before. To anyone interested, the motors were wound with 14 turns on each pole of the stator in a “dLRK evolution” pattern terminated delta. Wire diameter used was .35mm which looked huge compared to original tiny stuff. Previous windings were 17 turns stock for 2300kv. This raised the kv to approximately 2800kv producing close to a kg of thrust at 25amps. A big step up from initial test numbers close to half that value in stock form and much more in line with the modern motors that are popular today.

Wire for the project was donated from an old failed compressor relay off of my home a/c that I had replaced last year, tossed out in the yard, hit with a lawnmower, and then tucked away under the bbq grill to save a trip walking around front to the trash can. Lol Its a miracle they work at all. To be fair, the magnet wire from the relay still looked pretty good and is also in one of my 1407’s that arrived doa for my latest build!


I’m impressed with the skills this hobby generates in the community. Seems like @NotFastEnuf is able to build every component of a quadcopter out from recycled junk from scratch, and then add the icing on the cake with a fancy custom canopy made with a vacuum cleaner :laughing:

Kudos to you my friend!!


Ha! Yeah… they say necessity is the father of all invention… well having kids places a big deficit on available hobby budget creating alot of “necessity”. So I have no choice but to get creative if I want to keep playing. :wink:

That said … I’ve been fascinating but what’s possible with repurposed materials and would probably still hobby this way with even if funds were unlimited. It’s a great way to look at the world. If you ever want to see some masters at work … just look at what dudes in Cuba have been doing for the last 40 years with limited resources and alot of creativity. It’s phenomenal!


Totally agree! The only factor that goes against that philosophy is time. You must invest lots of time on diy projects, and much more than that when you’re just learning. Time is a resource as important as money. I totally share your philosophy and try to do as many things with my own hands as i can, but when i have no time, i have to use money (if i have it). I also have a 4month old girl, so no time and no money… :laughing:


The struggle is real man! You’re getting very little sleep right now! Soon that will change though. Mine are 2 1/2 and 10 months. Once I adapted to physically surviving on less than 6 hours sleep, and the kids started sleeping more and needing me less, I just kept the schedule and donated the time to the hobby. My wife questions my sanity!


Well, i’m so lucky cause my child sleeps almost all night long, and that’s precisely the time i invest in the hobby. That’s why all my videos are recorded at night :laughing:

There’s only one reason for my daughter to wake up during the night: food. And i can’t help her with that for now, so usually i sleep 6-7 hours in a row


Because I like to hack with practicality… and I haven’t made the time to build an AlienFlight Whoop controller (it’s in the queue!), here’s a Ragg-E Whoop + E011 FC + CM275T + @NotFastEnuf mullet canopy + RaceTek 0615-19s + Rakon 31mm 3-blade whoop + 150mAh batt at 25.24g AUW.


E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro (file post 268)

Not much of a build, more of a makeover of my all white E011. It was dirty, camera wasn’t centered and the canopy was cracked. So I ditched the canopy, went for a cloverleaf for better range, and went creative on the frame with a marker.

I like how it turned out! :slight_smile:


@burtlo builds a Psychedelic Rainbow Whoop, and @JBFPV comes up with a Safari Whoop… It’s a beautiful bonanza of individuality! :smiley:


Haha, you guys don’t know anything about pain, the other half is having twins next week. And our three year old is mental. I’m determined not to curtail my hobby time, but I don’t know how I’ll do it.


Ha, I’ll see that and raise you my 9yo, whose all time sleep-at-one-time record at age 9mo was 43 minutes.

I like him more now.

Actually, bonus twins sounds like a real issue for hobby time, best of luck!


Damn you guys have a handful. I’m not even 18 yet, so I have tons of time to build, just not a lot of money at my disposal. :joy:


Big crash today, receiver was playing up and tried to fly away over houses next to the park. I just got control back and full throttled back where I could but slammed hard into the wooden playground next to me.


Lens got ripped off the camera
Buzzer got ripped off the buzzer board (WTF)
LED display got ripped off the VTX03 (also WTF)
One of the CF sideplates snapped

Bummed I crashed hard but glad it at least came back to me. Foxeer arrow micro was already ordered 2 days ago so more of an inconvience that I can’t fly till that arrives. VTX03 may still run without its display but if not I’ll tax the one from my 5" and shout that quad a Unify pro HV race. I’ll try repair frame with CA

Given props and motors are fine it must’ve taken a king hit square in the mug.


Darn. At least you have your quad! I’ve lost a few and the feeling is horrible. :joy:


Ahh that stings a little. Vtx03 will work fine without the display, setting the channel is interesting though. I did the same to a tx01 some time ago. (Now it’s somewhere in the yard, ahh well)

Glad you got most of the quad back!